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  • I buy my bean fresh roasted and grind them myself with a manual burr grinder.

    3 6.52%
  • I get fresh beans and use a power burr grinder.

    8 17.39%
  • I get fresh beans and use a power burr grinder.

    7 15.22%
  • I get whole beans and either have them ground or grind them myself at the store.

    7 15.22%
  • I don't go in for the fancy stuff and buy my coffee perground.

    20 43.48%
  • I'm much to busy to bother with any of that crap and use instant coffee.

    3 6.52%
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Thread: Coffee.

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    bradsgirl, where are you now?
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    Me n ol Juan Valdez, the d00d from Columbia that used to be in all the commercials...we were buddies. He would ship me his best, I would share with others....then it got popular, and we hadda stop. Too many folks were just plain ol set against it.
    Now, I hear tell thru relatives of his, that he and his donkey retired to a remote hut on a hill. They don't work no mo', just relax n enjoy the golden years.
    I think all the rubbish about which blade is best is a moot point. A good mortar n pestle makes a perfect grind, if ya know how. It's all in the wrist...
    Alas, I too, no longer partake.
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    My cousin who lives in Hawaii sends me different pre-ground types and blends to try out. There are quite a few small boutique-type coffee growing companies on the Islands that grow their own special variety of bean. A few days ago he sent me his own favorite beans but my Braun coffee grinder had been hijacked for other purposes... grinding up specialty strains of pot. Since I can't smoke the herbage much anymore I didn't want to catch a "contact" high just from sipping on a cup of Lion's Head Maui Gold blend or whatever the variety. So I soaked the entire upper cup part in alcohol and poured a small amount in the metal base and let it set overnight. The plastic upper cup part came out really clean but the botton part and the steel blades needed a little more work. So I dampened some cotton balls in alcohol and ground 'em up. Did that several times and everything got really clean. And I still have all my fingers and thumbs and didn't get electrocuted. Had to sacrifice a few beans for the final "rinse" but all is well and the brew was definitely worth the wait. Hey, it's almost 4AM and I'm still awake!

    I don't know the name of the beans that I'm drinking now but they're tasty. Fresh ground always gives you that extra jolt. Or is the little bit of kief that I missed around the nut that holds the blades in place that I'm experiencing? Hmmm..

    Next time the lazy potheads can hand clean their doobage with manicuring scissors and leave my coffee grinder for its intended purpose.

    Or get their own manual grinder.

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    Bob Kat,
    My old blender has a bottom that unscrews, and the blades are easily cleaned then without losing finger parts. Just wipe them with a rag and your favorite cleaner under the sink. Look close, I bet yours does also.

    Be nice to yer buddies

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    Smile Double Expresso


    I just had a double espresso made from Tom's Amber Blend cranked through a zassenhaus manual grinder, and that's a lot of crankin.

    Tom runs Sweet Maria's internet home-roasters supply, when he's not running all over the globe tryin to secure the best crops of green beans for the site. He offers a small batch of hand roasted and blended espresso by the pound once a week; last week it was the Amber Blend which I was lucky enough to get the last pound of.

    The essence of my addiction: see MaryEllen's post, below!
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    An old friend of mine runs a coffee shop in Lawrence KS. He says it's the perfect niche for an old pot connisseur. I'm too lazy, really. Whatever's handy unless I have a shipment from Kansas.

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    Reading this thread I am so missing Bongo Java in the Five Points neighborhood in Nashville. I miss it.

    When I lived in Nashville, my friends and I would gather Friday afternoons for great coffee and even better conversation.

    Bongo Java roated their own, ground their own, brewed their own. The scents, tastes, sounds, sights were beyond heavenly.

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    I don't drink coffee, but I do so LOVE its aroma!

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    Gave up coffee years ago due to health problems... I was addicted to coffee to the point where I got kicked out of the office coffee club...since I drank a pot and half during the 8hrs. I worked...I don't miss it...or do I?.. Now it's only tea and water for me...

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    Peaberry Coffee company

    Drinking fresh ground (don't know what type of grinder it is) Jazula Peabery right now. Cold fresh springwater, dripped into a carafe, no hot plate coffee pots.

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