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    I don't even know how to start this one really. Mainly because it could fit into so many different categories. I noticed a few weeks ago that my right side has deteriorated/atrophied more in the hip and behind area. I'm sure its been that way for quite some time but I only noticed it after getting into my standing frame for the first time. It looked as though my hips weren't straight and I was leaning more to the left. I attempted to correct the problem and thats when I noticed that I just didn't have as much meat on the right side. I have noticed that when I'm at rehab I lean towards the left and I've even noticed that in my wheelchair as well. But I didn't make the connection until recently.

    I am trying to get off as many meds as possible primarily my pain meds. I was successful and then I had some rather distressing back pain reappear. First I believe it was related to a Kidney infection, then the pain moved to the area where I had the bullet removed that caused the paralysis. I mention this because I wonder if the whole lop-sided thing could be contributing to the pain. I also wonder if it could be related to my car least the ones out of the car because my chair is so much higher and my back probably goes in way it shouldn't. But thats part of another problem I have. I believe the company I got my chair from screwed up the measurements and did not allow for the thickness of the cushion...and I've only just realized that as I have done different types of transfers.

    More importantly I'm wondering if anyone else out there has the same problem and what did you do about it. I'm scheduled to see a physiatrist this coming tuesday, and maybe he will have some suggestions for treating the pain or a solutions for the lop-sidedness. Now when I'm at rehab I have the same pain problems that I had before I had the bullet removed, and it really hinders my rehab.

    I guess you could say I'm getting a little frustrated because of the pain.

    Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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    Hi jennifer,

    I am C5 incomplete it will be 7 years this may. My right side has always been the weaker and I have always leaned slightly to one side, but it has gotten noticeably worse in the last two years. My right hip is lower than my left and I have a very distinctive curve to my spine. Unlike you I am not in pain nor have I lost any mass in the butt area. I recently got a new cushion for my chair which has helped a lot already. They put wedges into the corners of the cushion to adjust whichever sided needs it.

    I am also getting a cushioned pad that will be attached by a bracket to the right side of my chair to give support to my upper chest area and prevent me from leaning over. As a last resort I was also fitted for a hard plastic shell that you wear around your torso under your clothing and supports your upper body.

    I had xrays and MRI's of the spine to rule out anything else going on before my doctors and therapists prescribed the cushion.

    Good luck!

    C5 incomplete
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    Hi Jennifer,

    I'm not sure if this is exactly the same thing you're talking about, but I have uneven hips and it makes me lean to one side. If I don't correct my posture I get really really really awful cramps in my hip, side and back that won't go away unless I take valuim and stretch out. When I go to my chiropractor she straightens me out and it really seems to help.
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    I had an uneven break which causes me to lean on my left side.
    I have T7 level sensation on my left side with T10 sensation on
    my stomach and right side. It's a pain in the ass to deal with, but
    I just do what I can to sit correctly. Later.
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    Scoliosis can make a person lopsided.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    I have the same problem on my left side. I have a 30 degree scoliosis and had the rods taken out. It curves to the left and I transfer out of my chair on the right side in my car, bed, toilet and shower, you name it. My bed is a little higher than wc and when I transfer out to my chair it really bends my back and makes it hurt. I have really had to try to transfer easier and raise my butt higher and land softer in my chair. I have a Roho cushion which sucks for sitting straight and balance. I even have a quatro which I can push air to one side so it will help me lean more to one side and it don't help. I find myself wiggling and pushing up trying to sit up straight in my chair. My wc also needs some adjusting, I feel like I am reclining. Well, I guess I didn't help, LOL, so maybe we can just vent about it.
    Hopefully, you can get your chair fixed up and it will help your back.
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    I started noticing a little lean to the left, and my para belly is a little bigger and firmer on the right love-handle area. I have since been much more attentive to which elbow I lean on and which side I sleep on. I think since I have been sleeping on the left side more often lately I am evening out. And I switched to a hard back.

    Also swimming, mainly strokes that give a lot of torso rotation may help awaken some ennervated muscles.

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    Its interesting you mention that Should B. I wondered if it possibly had anything to do with sleeping on my right side more than the other. Its just more comfortable for me to sleep on my right...but I have been trying to even things out more. I've also noticed that my abdomen is firmer on my right side.

    What is really messing me up right now is my transfer out of my mom's car from the passenger side. I've only recently come to the conclusion that my chair wasn't measured right. I expected it to be the same height or lower than the regular hospital wheelchair (don't know what else to call it) then I was surprised to find that it was in fact much much higher. Today as I was getting out of my mom's car yet again, I felt the sharp pain in my back in the spot where I have had ongoing pain. Before I got this chair I was fairly even with my mom's car. I believe the pain is being aggravated more so by the lop-sidedness or it could be the other way. I just hope I can maybe get some answers from the doctor and resolution from the company I got my chair from...I guess you could say I just need to vent about it, but its good to know what others have done about it.


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    Thanks for that website...I didn't know that had a cushion that might be able to address the problem.

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    I have a Quadtro cushion, too.

    Because of the lopsidedness, anytime I reach forward with my arms (to type, or eat, for example), my right arm and side go further forward, even if I'm strapped to the chair.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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