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Thread: Handcycling/sore elbows

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    Handcycling/sore elbows

    Anyone else who handcycles have sore elbows?

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    Mike - Yes. The inside of my elbows get very sore. It is golfers elbow (tendonitis). Resting the arm is the cure. I have started to wear a support band below the elbow which seems to help.

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    I don't ride a handcycle but I saw one on TV.

    That being said, I do (did?) have extensive experience on regular bicycles. Most knee pain was from bike that did not fit well. I'm going to go over some things that are translated from bicycles, and hopefully someone like captain gimp will come in and say either "yeah" or "you idiot". Or both.

    Anyways, with a bicycle it is important to have near full extension of the legs to get full power, but never hyper-extending.

    The next step was to adjust the crank arm length to what was comfortable.

    Crank width is going to be next for handcycles. Try a range of closer together vs farther away.

    Hips would hurt if you rocked back and forth on the seat. I'm not sure that has a direct corelation with hand-cycling.

    Next, I would look at the height of the cranks relative to your shoulders. Someone here should have good suggestions on what to go for.

    I had all my bikes professionally fitted. Seat angle, height, handlebar stem length, crank arm length, cleat orientation. Consider talking to your dealer/manufacturer to get recommendations for properly fitting your bike, and you should be able to ride pain free.

    -- JB

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