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Thread: What kind of flooring???

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    What kind of flooring???

    Hi everyone,

    We need new flooring. Certainly don't want carpet, Dan's in a powerchair and it creates ripples as he moves along.

    Laminates have been suggested.
    I know ceramic, marble, etc. would be the most durable, but here in NJ too cold, and tough on the legs.

    Anyone have suggestions?

    Thanks, as always,

    Cathy J

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    We have tile in my room, bath room, living room, and hallway. Parkay flooring in the computer room and lanolium in the kitchen. I do not notice a difference for me on any of them.
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    laminates are nice but dunno how well the finish would hold up over time with the power chair tires an weight. my apt. has vinyl tiles 12x12 and it seems to be holding up pretty good the last 4 yrs. i installed ceramic tile for 14 yrs pre-injury. ceramic would last the longest but as im sure you know its pretty expensive. plus like you say...its cold and if you drop a glass you can kiss it good-bye,lol.

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    we have high quality lino. not so stylish but very durable and easy to clean. We were told laminate wouldn't hold up well with my powerchair. If we'de had the money we would have put tile.

    heres a photo of our floor.

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    I did mine in hardwood (maple).

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    Hi Cathy,

    We also live in NJ. We renovated our master bath and bedroom last year. Tore up the carpet in bedrooms and put regular hard wood floors (not the laminated type). In the bathroom we did ceramic all over including the walk in closet. This area is over our garage and have had no problems with it being cold. Downstairs is all hardwood and ceramic with area rugs. I have both a power and manual chairs.

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    i have tile in my bathroom and kitchen. i have pics of the tile. i also have hardwood floors. i despised carpet even before i got hurt.
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    purgo. i put it in my kitchen, its laminate. great stuff.. holds up to my chair and my 200 pd newfoudland. rep
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    Quote Originally Posted by cali
    i have tile in my bathroom and kitchen. i have pics of the tile. i also have hardwood floors. i despised carpet even before i got hurt.
    thats purtee.......ive torn up a lotta carpet in my day.

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    laminate wood works out fine and it simple and easy to clean ... a friend installed an 'industrial floor' like you would see in a hospital ...
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