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Thread: need help with weird sore !!

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    need help with weird sore !!

    i have this sore on my lower back and the doctor doesnt seem to know what it is. I've been running a fever of 103. its been there for the past five days, it started out as a small red bump and got bigger as time pasted. i've been to the doctors twice now. they have try to get a culture but they cant seem to get anything out of it. they have ran blood test and have found nothing out of the orderaire. today the a new bump formed and i am starting getting worried. my doctor put me on antibiotics. now im just hoping for the best. can anyone help me

    sorry about the picture it was the best one we could get
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    It's a pressure sore - you can tell from the roundness of it.

    What bone is under there and what mattress do you have? What wheelchair back?

    I can't tell from the photo - which part of your back is that?
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    How long has it been there? How fast is it growing? How large? Are you running a fever? Any achy feelings or other unusual changes other than the sore? Is the dark place next to the pus-filled place always there or is it new, too? Any other similar, smaller places anywhere else on your body? Where is that place in relation to your bra straps or band?

    Are you on any antibiotics or anything for it? Is your doctor referring you to anyone else? What has she/he suggested?

    I hope one of the SCI nurses sees this and responds.

    I hope it goes away soon.

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    That doesnt really look like a pressure sore to me but sores are difficult. I cant tell because the picture is a bit blurry but it looks like an infectious process to me. If your doctor has not told you what it is or he doesnt know please make sure you get referred to a dermatologist.

    It looks as if that area is raised. Hopefully Dr Wise or the SCI nurses can help us on this one but I bet they may need more information like the above poster asked.

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    Yes, it does look infected. As stated previously- where is it on your body? More opinions as to treatment when I know the area. Keep it as clean as you can and covered.


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    Yes, if you cannot force the pus out, take a poultice and swab over it; maybe 24 hours, it will draw it out. If you do not have a poultice, try a paste of flour and baking soda, leave it on; again for 24 hours. After it pops and drains, cleanse with proxide and if you are daring, rub salt and baking soda over it to kill the bacteria. The mole next to it could possibly be the culpritl You might be shocked to find out what comes out of there microscopically. Good luck.
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    You definately need to be on antibiotics if you are running a fever of 103 with it. I dont know how long you have been on antibiotics but after being on them for 2-3 days it shouldnt get any worse and should start to slowly resolve.

    Be careful with cultures as some will just swab over top of that and a lot of times that doesnt give you accurate results. If that sore doesnt improve this weekend I would definately follow up on Monday. A Dermatologist would be good but a surgeon may be appropriate as well to drain that area.

    SCI nurse and Dr. Wise will probably have the best treatments for that. Whatever you do, dont lance it yourself with a needle. That is the worst mistake people can make. If it were me, I would wash the area with soap and warm water 2-3 times a day and apply Neosporin or triple antibiotic ointment.

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    It almost looks like a boil to me. Warm, moist compresses to get the core to readiness. Since you are already on antibiotics, you should be covered. Many times boils are a sign of a systemic staph infection, hence the fever. Does diabetes run in your family, are you diabetic, been tested? Be sure to keep up on nutrition to be strong and heal, extra Zinc, protein. Best to keep pressure off it. Best of luck and be sure to contain any drainage to prevent contamination of others in the household. Deb

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    spider bite?
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    It looks like a spider bite to me. The (recluse). But I think your doctor would know if thats what it is. Take care and get better!


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