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Thread: Anyone withdrawal from Neurontin or Lyrica?

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    oops, sorry BRYAN8

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    I get uber itchy if I miss a few doses of either one. I was on Nuerontin but switched to Lyrica now but either one makes me itchy as hell! Sometimes I think about ripping my skin off. I'm not very good at taking my meds, I forget to take them a lot and I even put a note on my laptop to take them but I still don't.

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    new to the forum but not to neuropathic pain. Just wanted to add my experiences on this topic. I tried to reduce pregabalin (Lyrica) last year, did it too quickly and thought I was going to die!

    This year tried again. Was on 600mg a day in march and now on 150mg a day. Did it really slowly, i had no withdrawals at all and it has given me time to adjust to the increase in my pain levels.

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    thanks cshello for the input lyrica kinda ruined my life right now i have bad anxiety because of going off lyrica really severe itchy pins and needle feeling in my arms and legs i feel like im going to vomit at time the gabapentin give me little relief thats because it is SO MUCH WEAKER THAN LYRICA i have RSD in my right hand and was on lyrica for 2 years until i finally came to a decision to have a spinal cord neurostimulator for my wrist and hand and that works wonderful and the sad thing is im only 25 and have bad problems and this is all because i completley shattered my 4th metacarpal and had to have pins put in and than like on my last week of having the pins in one of the pins infected my hand and had to have emergency surgery and thats where i guess rsd came to be i guess i dont know im all out of options i NEED HELP BAD so helpful input would be nice for coming off this awful drug i hate lyrica well i guess im done thanks for letting me blab on here

    bryan aka bub

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    do a Google search on The Road Back Program. It got me off Zoloft. I am now using it to get off Lyrica. YOu are supposed to only taper 2% at a a time, with the right food and supplemtns, but these companies make this stuff in the wrong dosages to be able to do that. If anyone knows how to break down the 50 mg dosage of Lyrica to smaller increments, please let me know.

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    Pain swallowing pills even Lyrica

    I have been on Lyrica for well over a year. I have a neuropathy on the trunk of my body which the doctor says is caused by early onset diabetes. He said it would go away just as suddenly as it started but now he says it is chronic and he doesn't know what to do with me.

    My tongue and palate burn as does my trunk and then my crotch area.
    I burn from swallowing meds and am now trying to get off Lyrica. I have been on all the stuff...Tramadol, amyitriptelen, nortriptylene, Vigodan etc and all make me burn when I swallow them.

    Anyone else with this swallowing pill problem. I don't mean burning as the pill goes down, I mean burning on my body. Help!

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    Bryant the only way I can think of getting 2% off anything is to do the water titration method, which is just a procedure in which you drop the contents of the medication in water (Lyrica is water soluble) and remove a bit every day. For example, you could easily put a 50mg Lyrica into 100ml of water and remove 2ml at a time...

    2% is a very slow taper and I believe programs like Road Back Program really just care about buying their supplements which to me you could get off GNC for much less...I think you could do 10% every week and get off of it much sooner.

    Best of luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bryan8 View Post
    i was on lyrica for about two years and had severe withdrawals and i have now found a little relief in gabapentin i have tapered on to this drug will ihave the same withdrawals or was this a good move to do please help thank you.
    Neutroin, Gabapentin; both are known to cause very serious problems. You must make sure that you get off this poison very gradually.
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    The pain was so bad that I had to go back up to 200 mg 2xday...In addition Lyrica has caused memory problems where I have gone from a nearly photographic memory, to losing my wallet and car keys and cell 10x day at least. I also blank out completely mid sentence. My mind just goes into a white blank. Add high blood sugar to the list.

    Apparently Lyrica is supposed to treat neuropathy from diabetes, Yet it causes high blood sugar. Can ANYONE explain how this drug was allowed on the market to treat diabetics? I have constant dry the Sahara also. Oh, did I mention horrible water retention and interacting with antibiotics when needed??
    Can ANYONE tell me how I can safely reduce this HORRIBLE medicine that has taken my general health??? I am SURE Lyrica has a GREAT lobbyist for the FDA.
    Can anyone also tell me what I can get onto while I get off Lyrica to deal with the burning neuropathy I feel as a result of central pain syndrome, and arachnoiditis??

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    Exclamation hallucinations

    I started having hallucinations when my husband and I separated while on cymbalta. We got back together the same time my dr. added lyrica. I stopped having the hallucinations. I am interested in hearing what kind of hallucinations you were having as I am not so sure mine were hallucinations.

    Quote Originally Posted by WonderDerek View Post
    I used to take 1500mg of Neurontin per day, but I stopped because it was making me hallucinate. I didn't have any withdrawls when I stopped, but I do still have hallucinations, and I don't even take Neurontin anymore. I guess that's what I get for not weaning off of it.

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