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Thread: Anyone withdrawal from Neurontin or Lyrica?

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    On Withdrawal

    Quote Originally Posted by duramater View Post
    These drugs were designed to treat epilepsy....SEIZURES. They slow your brain functions. If in fact you stop abruptly it is like taking the brakes off your car on a huge hill. There is every chance to experience some level of withdrawl depending on what other medications you are also using. There is also a very good chance your brain could in some way experience a seizure as a result of not tapering down slowly off these medications.

    Here is an ODD bit of trivia as well...there is a relationship between essential components in the use of gabapentin and the food additive MSG. Some notice that even after years finally off of these medications, foods where MSG is used can still cause that creepy crawly achey feeling...

    The gift that keeps on giving. Take care of your brains....

    Agree! MSG should not be consummed period! It is not uncommon for benzo or antidepresant former users to still experience withdrawal symptoms a year after they came off the medication.

    I belong to a forum where members are often told that it will take anywhere from 6 to 18 months AFTER coming off to recover from it. However, there no studies have proven that benzo can cause brain damage (unlike alcohol) so that's some good news despite that it takes a while for symptoms to go away.

    I think it's always smart to look up side effects as well as withdrawal symptoms before starting on a new medication.

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    Red face

    I have been on Lyrica for 12 months now - 150 mg daily for pain following surgery to release a compressed nerve root. I notice that I am bleeding and bruising more than usual following mild cuts and bumps. Also -my teeth hurt ! Does anyone have similar symtoms ? I would like to get off this medication.

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    a more positive experience

    One of the problems with these forums is that we have all come here looking for advice and help - which means we are all having problems of some kind, and therefore many of our experiences are negative.

    So for people looking for ways to get off lyrica, or people considering taking it, bear in mind that in the studies, the ~majority~ of people do not have these experiences. There is always a chance you may have bad side effects, and you should know what those risks are before you take it (and it's unfortunate when doctors don't fully inform you!)

    Anyway. I went on lyrica for sciatica after lumbar surgery - the surgery was successful, but the nerve pain didn't fully go away. I was on neurontin before that, and it really didn't do much at all.

    For me, lyrica was a miracle drug. By the 2nd day on a low dose, already I felt so much better! I wouldn't say my pain is gone, but it decreased to a tolerable level, and allowed me to actually start enjoying my life. I've been on it for almost 2 years now.... (1 year ago I stopped taking it, then resumed again because my disc reherniated, so the pain came back)

    I am now improving after a fusion, and so I foresee
    that within a few months I will stop taking it again, but I definitely had some withdrawal issues last time. I'm kind of glad to see I'm not alone in the withdrawal problems, although mine weren't as bad as some people's!

    My side effects while on lyrica are a sort of mild foggy-headedness that gets worse when I'm tired. I take 150 mg 2x a day, and any higher makes me too drowsy and stupid, but I function pretty well on this dose. I've never had any swelling or weight gain or anything more serious. I do sleep more deeply than I used to, although I never had any actual problems sleeping before.

    I started weaning myself off it on a schedule of a couple weeks, and then as I experienced withdrawal I slowed that down even more. I found that by reducing the dose in the morning, and continuing that for a few days, then reducing the dose in the evening, and again waiting a few days, then reducing again, the withdrawal was a lot less. I recommend not exceeding this pace!!

    My main problem was bad sleep - I felt that kind of jittery anxiety I get when I've had way too much coffee, and I also started getting restless legs syndrome every night. During the day I felt twitchy and a little anxiety, but it was definitely worst at night. In the end, because I couldn't sleep, I pulled out my old prescription for neurontin and tried taking a low dose of that before bed. And that actually worked!

    So I weaned myself off of lyrica while putting myself on a small dose of neurontin until I'd been off the lyrica for a while and felt fine. Then I weaned myself off neurontin slowly (by biting my pills into halves, then quarters, then itty bittty pieces!), and didn't experience much withdrawal at all from that.

    Anyway, obviously this may not work for others, but it is what I will try myself in a few months. Lately my problem has actually been that I'm starting to get the same symptoms at night sometimes! I used to have awful nights sleeping if I ever forgot my evening dose, and I quickly got very very good at not forgetting. But now I'm having the same problem if I take my dose a little late in the evening, like after 10.

    But all that said, it was worth it, and I would take it again. My life before lyrica was not a life at all!

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    Lyrica gave me horrible side-effects. My mind was always in a cloud and it gave me horrible insomnia. The doctor put me on ambien, lunsta, seroquel, temazepam, etc.. and nothing help. I even remember getting a shot of something that was supposed to put me to sleep but didn't. Well, as you can imagine, I'm not taking that drug anymore. Neurotin gave me some pretty nasty effects too so he has me on oxcarbazepine right now. Just started so we'll see. Neuropathic pain sucks!

    "God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, The courage to change the things we can, And the wisdom to know the difference."

    Serenity Prayer

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    Jade3 = thanks for sharing a more positive lyrica experience. One thing - no need to bite your pills to split them, you can take a sharp kitchen knife and cut your pills next time - less bitter taste !
    I am also on 150mg twice a day. I recently tried getting off it after I read these horror stories and did wean myself off them and didn't take the drug for about 1 week. I ran in to a problem ... I still have bad neuropathic pain and I am better off on lyrica. So I started it up again. Unfortunately, the dopey groggy feeling is back until I get used to it again. It wasn't bad taking a mini-lyrica drug holiday. It makes me remember what problem I am treating and confirms that the drug does something good.

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    neurontin cause suicidal thoughts. I actually had to check into a mental hospital for two weeks until it passsed. I have not had thoughts like that before or since. I have stayed away from lyrica because people I know all had very bad side affects from it. that doctor is not telling you the truth. it can take several weeks for the panic attacks to go away. im so mad so many people have to go through that and then be lied to. oh no you dont feel what you feel. whats with Drs these days? why cant they all be like Dr wise?

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    After my last doc visit we decided to stop lyrica. I was told to take away 1 pill for 3 days then take away another. Oh, i did just that. I was nauseous by the 5th day, in the morning my right felt like it was being squeezed by someone w/ cheez grater textured gloves[not all day just morning], spasms were a lil worse. I thought the uti was makin me sick to my stomach and raising the bar on the usual neuro pain and increasing the spasms. Turned out the pain doc told me to come off the lyrica to fast. I have a high tolerance for meds wasn't expecting that. So i started back on lyrica and nausea went in a day or two, spasms decreased a bit[there usually fiesty]. The best part about it is i'm better off on the lyrica. The reason i say best part is i have found nothing that works on the neuro pain, but i guess lyrica was doing something. Its strange we are miserable on these medicines but dont realize how much worse it is sometimes off them decifering which are working and which are not. Posetive outcome arndog

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    i asked my neurologist if there is a withdrawal from neurontin and he said no. he said if you were epileptic and stopped you would could have seizures but its not a big problem if you take it for nerve pain and stop. i like the dr and want to trust him, but he is most likely wrong.

    i have been taking 1200mgs/3 times per day for almost a year. its not perfect but its the only thing that has helped my nerve pain (i tried acupuncture, PT, yoga, etc). after about 8 hrs it wears off and i feel the creepy crawly feeling and hot flashes and just really plain weird. so i am sure there is a withdrawal. when it is really reducing the pain i feel drugged. up and down that's life for me these days. at least there is an up.

    i have also been taking nortryptoline 10mg at bedtime i think it helps a bit, but i am going to switch to effexor to see if that makes more of a difference. has anybody had withdrawal from nortryptoline?

    good luck!

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    Lyrica is evil stuff...I'm on 600 mgs at bedtime....

    For me, it grinds my metabolism to a halt. I work out everyday, and watch what I eat and I gain 5 lbs per month - I'm a coke addict, and I thought that was the issue and stopped "paap" altogether - still gained weight.

    The withdrawal symptoms for me were as if I had the flu x 10, sweating severely, nausea, hot spells, followed by cold spells, muscle spasms, twichin' irritability, and the list goes on...It is the most miserable withdrawal I have ever gone thru and have been unsuccessful to date. Not to mention irritability, bickering, bitchin', yada, yada, yada..

    If anyone with this dosage was successful getting off it please let me know!!!!

    PS, I still had symptoms after a week...your doctor is most likely WRONG and it's not you!!!

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