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Thread: Anyone withdrawal from Neurontin or Lyrica?

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    Help for withdrawal

    5% decrease every two weeks only if you feel ok. See this group for excellent resources for withdrawal from any drug.

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    I've been taking 900mgs 4 times a day for many years of nerotin and the only side affects i've seen is i'm a bit more tired. It does help with the pain though. I was on all kinds of cocktails but i got off of as much as possible. My pain level is at about a 5 most the time. My first post.

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    I have been on Neurontin and Lyrica. Lyrica did not help my pain at all. I am slowly tapering from 300mg a day to going off it completely. I have never had any side effects from the Neurontin. I have a spinal cord stimulator which gives me around 90% pain relief. I tried going off the Nerontin after I had the stimulator but I could still feel alot of aching, so I continue to take 1200mg at night. The only time I have ever had hallucinations was when they put me on doxepin. I had severe hallucinations. It was very scary. I slipped a disc in my back in March of 2007 and have not had very much luck with anything helping my pain. I have severe pain in my tailbone (coccydynia) and I am looking for any suggestions (besides pillows) that would help. I am going to a specialist soon and I hope they can offer me suffering. My neurogsurgeon said I could have another stimulator implanted for my back pain, but that is a last resort. I hope you have had better luck with your pain.

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    The Horror of Lyrica: think before you take
    I was on 300mg lyrica every day for over a year. When prescribed this med I asked my Md if there was anything I should know, such as side effects or difficulty stopping. I was told no. I took over a month to slowly titrate off this horrid med and still went into withdrawal. Fevers, anxiety, elevated heart rate, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, cramping, sleepless for days. I have been trying to get over this for over a week. I am using phenergan and zofran for nausea, limotil for diarrhea, and ativan for anxiety, insomnia, and it helps with the nausea as well. I am meeting so many people experiencing similar reactions to Lyrica. I would love to see the constant advertising stopped. By the way I have had only one doctor agree with how diffucult stopping this med can be and he was a specialist at Shands medical center at U of F. He said it would be very hard for me. Spread the word to everyone you know about this medication and its side effects and withdrawal potentials. Word of mouth can really travel. We owe that to all the patients yet to endure this drug. Best of luck to all.

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    Question on Cutting Down Dosing of Neurontin(gabapentin)

    I have a new primary care doctor at the VA I go to because I have been transferred to the SCI Center there because of my diagnosis. About 10 yrs ago when I went thru the in-patient pain management program at the VA I was switched from taking PAXIL for pain to Neurontin. I have been taking 800mg 2 X during the day & 1200mg at bedtime for over 10 yrs. now. My new primary care doctor has changed it to taking only 1200mg at bedtime. He didn't tell me that I should taper down gradually to only the 1200mg at bedtime & I didn't think to ask him about it. I'm glad that I saw on this site that Neurontin must be tapered down gradually & not stopped all at once. I'm fearful of side effects if I stop taking the 800mg 2X a day & only continue to take the 1200mg at bed time.
    Any suggestions from anyone on what I should do? Please advise. Thanks every one.

    Oldsmar, Florida

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    Bob; I got nothing to add to what's already been said, but I hope you keep us posted on your progress. I've been on 3600 mg gabapentin per day for many years and am only recently fully realizing what all these negative side effects I have are coming from. I want to try discontinuing it too. Looks like you should back off slowly and hold on for a wild ride. All the best with that.

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    i am just wondering if anyone here has had the same type of side effects they had while on lyrica when they have tried to take another anti S type of med? i had been on neurontin for like 2 and a half years with no side effects at all,i mean it was like just taking a vitamin for me with no,not even a tiny bit of side effect or anything that told me i was actually taking it,ya know what i mean? but it really didn;t do much for my pain either and this was at 3200 mgs that we had slowly titrated up to over that two and a half years. well,my PM tried lyrica and we had side effects from hell,so after about one month of this nightmare,i went off,of course with more WD side effects. now heres where it really gets strange. out of pure desperation to just be on some type of anti S med for my increasing central and RSD pain,i decided to give neurontin another try since it was the only med i never had any side effects from. well, after trying the lyrica,for some insane reason,i started getting the very same side effects i had had with lyrica from neurontin(tapered off the lyrica and onto neurontin),and this was only just starting out with like 200 mgs? it was just crazy since i never ever had even one side effect from neurontin when i had been on it at even 3200mgs just a year or two before.

    i am just really afraid to even try any other anti S med right now tho i really do need one just to try and calm things down,mostly with the RSD right now. its getting too over the top. but i cannot even imagine just why in gods name i would even GET any side effects from a med i once took with NO side effects and at a very small dose compared to what i had been on before with nothing? i am wondering if lyrica actually somehow simply changed my brain chemistry here or something? i know that IS possible since my son had this actually happen with one hell of a nightmare bi polar reaction to prozac a few years ago. that med DID actually change his normal personality and created its own form of bi polar called bi polar III. so believe me,i do know anything IS sometimes a possibility here,i just cannot figure out if lyrica permanently "did' something to my brain or what.

    the positive things that lyrica seemed to kind of 'permanently change for the good were the swellling went down in my RSD knee,it took the 102 degree heat out of my knee that had been there(constantly) for years,and the swelling(and temp) has stayed down now since i had actually stopped lyrica back in 05. very very insane,let me tell ya. so i KNOW lyrica just had to actually "do' something in order to keep things this way,you know what i mean? i just cannot figure this out. i am just wondering if anyone else has had any problems while on another anti S med AFTER trying lyrica and having really bad side effects and has those side effects show up with the new med?

    i just do not understand why i actually had ANY real side effects from a med that i never had them when on it before,and at a much much higher dose than just the 200 mgs. i just should not have had anything appear with that neurontin like i did. they were a milder form of what i had with lyrica(vision issues and gait issue were the worst). marcia

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    Quote Originally Posted by quadvet
    Bob; I got nothing to add to what's already been said, but I hope you keep us posted on your progress. I've been on 3600 mg gabapentin per day for many years and am only recently fully realizing what all these negative side effects I have are coming from. I want to try discontinuing it too. Looks like you should back off slowly and hold on for a wild ride. All the best with that.
    Thanks for letting me know that you have nothing to add other then what's already been said. I appreciate you letting me know. It's so good to hear from a fellow Veteran. I salute you for giving our great country a lot more years of your life then I did. Thanks so much for serving & for your sacrifice. Thank GOD! we're Veterans that's all I have to say.
    WOW! Your on a lot higher dose then me. I'm glad that your fully realizing what all the negative side effects are coming from. I wish you the best in discontinuing it too. Thanks for telling me that I should back off of it slowly & to hold on for a wild ride. Maybe I should ask to be put in the hospital & be tapered down on it as an in-patient? Please PM me on this site or e-mail me privately. My e-mail address is :
    Hope to hear from you either way.

    Take care !!!!

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    kind of nervous now....

    Ive been on Neurontin for about a year now. 1200 neurontin a day. Well it got to the point where it wasnt working and Id actually lay off of it for a few days when I could or even longer sometimes,(i was prescribed it for anxiety). Then it would begin to work again. So I told my doctor it just didnt work the way it used to so I was switched to Lyrica. Now the thing is that even though Ive heard of many people seriously withdrawing off of Neurontin even though I am very sensitive I could quit it and restart anytime I needed without any effects. But now that Im on Lyrica Im nervous after reading what some people are going through on it.And Im sure its only a matter of time until I get used to the lyrica also. So this may be a strange question but I wonder if anyone has ever thought of alternating the two of them for that reason.I still have a script for neurontin.And Ive read even of some people taking them both together. But then thats why I wonder if switching 1 week on one then one week on another may cut down on that effect of withdrawl. Seems at least for me the Lyrica will be the one to watch out for since with the neurontin I had no withdrawl. I have experience that with alot of meds that its the length of time that you take them is how you get addicted and I know for some other conditions this may not be possible but for mine at least and some others that it would. Does this make sense?Any input Id so appreciate BEFORE I get addicted to something I have to ween off of! Thanks so much!!

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    I take Lyrica 75 mgs 2x daily and i had cancer and had a radical hysterectomy and i had horrible hot flashes and my doctor put me on it and it has worked really well for me and i have had no problems. So now i have a new doctor and she says that the Lyrica isn't working and what i am feeling is the placbo effect, and she wants me to wean off of the Lyrica. Has anyone had this problem.?

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