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Thread: anyone have pain pumps

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    anyone have pain pumps

    anyone have luck with pumps
    cauda equina

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    Pain pumps are the same things as baclofen pumps. I started a thread called "baclofen pump FAQ" a long time ago where you can read up on a lot of peoples experiences. It's made a huge difference for me. Well it as gotten rid of all my pain, I do notice a big difference when the baclofen gets turned down because I also have something in it for my central pain, bibucaine, which makes it huge difference for me. I've tried heavy-duty pain relievers but they didn't do a whole lot for my central pain, they just may be dumber. Hope this helps
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    lost last attempt due to this software, where the message saved? back around 2003 there were fatalities due to pumps getting granules at the end of the delivery tubes.
    the manufacturer blamed the deaths on the doctors using unapproved refill medications in the pump. Mixing pain med with the baclofen.
    hopefully all the problems are worked out , and no cowboy docs with no knowledge of the past incidents ,introduce a unapproved medicine into someone pump
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    I have one with Baclofen, Clonidine and Midazolam (Versed). Medtronics knows what is in my pump. I know the Midazolam is not approved, not positive about Clonidine. Not much, if any, pain relief, but have most of the violent spams pretty well controlled, and the tone pretty well controlled.

    My central pain remains immune to any narcotics so pain.


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