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Thread: Anyone withdrawal from Neurontin or Lyrica?

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    Damn Mize that was a fast taper! I titrated down from 2400mg per day gabapentin down to nothing over 3 months without much trouble, other than the nerve pain coming back. It never really went away anyway on the meds so that was (and still is) fine. Life is pain, amiright?!
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    You are right. My experience was that each successive dose increase was effective for, at best, a few weeks before pain levels returned. The only reason I kept taking it was to avoid this mess I’m in now.

    In my case when the nerve pain first kicked in, I knew I could never adjust to it. Of course, eventually I did, just after becoming addicted to lyrica. With hindsight I’d have never started gabapentanoids.
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    I tried Lyrica while doing a 2 week rehab after 3 months in bed (flap), and we tried Lyrica then; if totally fucked with my head and I stopped after a few days.
    Then I tried going on gaberpentin. I was on it a week or ten days and quit cold turkey, knowing the addictive issues, but assuming that in such short time it wouldn't be an issue.
    Well, it was-it REALLY was! I was whacked out for a week, severe, and didn't feel normal for a couple weeks.
    I still have the pain and soon will be seeing a pain specialist who is highly recommended by my primary care guy who I respect greatly.
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    Now I'm on day 10 since my last lyrica. My doc gave me some nortryptaline to help with the side-effects and I'm actually doing pretty ok now. Spasms are still much more frequent, pain is higher and I'm still not as emotionally grounded as I normally am, but I'm in the office and getting work done, so I'm through the worst of it...I hope!
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    I weened myself off Lyrica and Tramadol for the first time in 9yrs. I was taking 300mg a day. Like other replies, being med free leaves me unable to function, it reminded me why I take it. Really no choice.

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