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Thread: Anyone withdrawal from Neurontin or Lyrica?

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    Lyrica withdrawals

    I have had very similar symptoms. My last day on it was seven days ago, and my nausea and anxiety has been almost unbearable. I haven't suffered from headaches, but I feel like I could just crawl right out of my skin at times. I am hoping to find out how long it will take to get out of my system. Good luck!

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    Back on Lyrica now for some time now, and sure notice if I have went without it for a couple of doses!!! Taking 150 mg twice daily and as in previous posts, swelling, weight gain, the feeling of wanting to crawl out of your skin!!! Wow that is the closest description of how I feel when without it because the Pharmacy was closed when I needed a refill and then had to go without for 2 days!!! Damn place though will not fill it one day early so I can go about my life without having to worry about making it to the pharmacy the day I run out. I thought they only did that with narcotics only filling when out according to the dosing instructions??? Try filling Hydromorphone a single dose early and NO GO!! I have tried on odd occasion to up the Lyrica to a third dose when the pain is real bad but all it does is make me "dopey" sleepy, tired, uncoordinated, and just plain wierd!! Not looking forward to the day if and when I will be able to kick these Lyrica to the curb for good!!! One thing I will say is that the medicinal patient information sheet given by the pharmacy and included in the prescription does not even come close to explaining the possible side effects both while on it and when a person stops taking it. Unfortunately for me and a few others the benefits do slightly outweigh the side effects. Not cheap either here in Canada, a month's supply of 60 - 150 mg capsules run about $180.00. Good thing WCB is paying for mine!!!
    BigBossMan Wuz Here.....

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    Lyrica Withdrawl

    I have just taken my daughter off of that crap! She was taken 300mg a day. She gained 20lbs and her face was a mess. She broke out with blisters on her nose, her wounds would not heel, she had leg pain and felt horrible. I called her Dr. and he said that he doesn't know what to do for her anymore for her FM and sent her off to a Pain Mangement Center. She asked to be taken off the Lyrica and he said let the PMC do it. I was pissed and call the office and told him, his name was on that prescription bottle and he needs to get her off, otherwise.....I will and hold him fully responsible for her. So the nurse communicated my concerns and don't you know we started the weaning process. We went from 300mg to 150mg for the 1st week. Week 2, we dropped the dosage from 150mg to 100. And week 3 went from 100 to 50mg. And now she doesn't even take the 50mg. She has had some shakiness and some of the syptoms that you were having. After 1 week of cutting Lyrica in 1/2 her face is back to normal and her skin and wounds have heeled. This is worst medication that she has been on. I am glad I took the matter in to my own hands. Good Luck!

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    Hi Brewerfan - good job sticking up for your daughter. That is definately what you have to do.
    May I ask what type of problem she is struggling with? Does she have neuropathic pain? Has she tried other meds?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Para-trooper View Post
    Lyrica is evil stuff...I'm on 600 mgs at bedtime....

    For me, it grinds my metabolism to a halt. I work out everyday, and watch what I eat and I gain 5 lbs per month - I'm a coke addict, and I thought that was the issue and stopped "paap" altogether - still gained weight.

    The withdrawal symptoms for me were as if I had the flu x 10, sweating severely, nausea, hot spells, followed by cold spells, muscle spasms, twichin' irritability, and the list goes on...It is the most miserable withdrawal I have ever gone thru and have been unsuccessful to date. Not to mention irritability, bickering, bitchin', yada, yada, yada..

    If anyone with this dosage was successful getting off it please let me know!!!!

    PS, I still had symptoms after a week...your doctor is most likely WRONG and it's not you!!!
    Just an update...I was able to ween off this miserable shit by reducing 75mgs per week for eight weeks. The ninth week was hell with a lot of sleeplessness and irritability - got a little relief with a 10mg increase of Oxycontin. Glad I did as my comp insurance will no longer cover this drug. They discovered in 100% of claims using Lyrica there was little to no improvement and weight gains between 20-40% of pre-existing weight....Now, if there was some way to reverse the weight gain damage quick!

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    Me too. I had no luck with Lyrica. My eyesight was affected and my legs and feet were so swollen it was hard to wear shoes. Weight gain.

    I'm stuck with gabapentin, it causes weight gain too, just what I did not need. They have me on a combo of gabapentin, cymbalta, and tramadol. It's working, but I think they need to raise the dosage amount on cymbalta 60mg once a day and tramadol is 50mg three times a day.

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    Lyrica PWS?

    I am now off Lyrica but still feeling some effects eight months later. I would appreciate advice/comments. Here is my story:

    August 08 I was misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia and prescribed Lyrica, 75mgs once per day. The first two doses were ok, but the third put me into a real fog. I couldn’t read simple sentences. My short-term memory was shot. I hated it and wanted off.

    I had read this was a drug you need to taper so I cut to 75 mgs every other day for about week. Then I got some 25mg capsules and took one daily for 5 days. Finally I got down to 25mgs every other day for 5 days. Total, I took about 637.5mgs over three weeks. A tiny amount, but I have still not completely recovered.

    The first 6 weeks anything stressful at work left me exhausted. Even a long drive was pushing it. By November/December I was feeling better. I was able to drink red and white wine with no real problems. Chocolate ok. By January/February I thought I my Lyrica nightmare was over.

    Then, this month, a big relapse. For the first time in ages, I had a glass of Scotch whiskey. Huge mistake. I felt awful for days. I felt like I wasn’t getting restful sleep. My dreams were weird and extremely vivid again. I wake up with headaches. I knew it couldn’t be the alcohol because wine wasn’t a problem. I found an article that says the fragrance in whiskey affects GABA. I now am getting better, slowly, after 3 weeks.

    I am wondering two things:

    • Did I taper too fast?
    • Has any one had a similar experience with whiskey? Any ideas?

    Thanks for any info or ideas you can offer me.

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    Red face WOW - Eyeopening!

    I have been taking Lyrica for Fibro for 2 1/2 years @ 75mg 2x day. Then my pain doc wanted to try to get me to a "normal" dose of 150mg 2x day which I did for 5 weeks. No improvement, just side effects, so I decided to come off of it completely while starting something new for the pain. I tapered over 2 weeks and wow what horrible withdrawl! It just hit me one morning at the end of the taper - anxiety, feeling like I was going to go crazy! My pain doc did not think it was the Lyrica!!!! He said that I was now in a clinical depression....BS. I have another great doctor who is a psychiatrist and psychopharmacologist and he said that it is absolutely Lyrica and to test this I should take a dose of 100mg and see if the symptoms go away (pretty smart). Well, within 2 hours I felt great so voila! Now I have found a psychiatrist in DC who I have an appointment with on Tuesday, 5/5. His website says "Offering a non-toxic approach to treating the whole patient. In addition to psychotherapy, Dr. Tarantolo safely helps patients wean themselves off psychotropic drugs." He is a herbologist and nutritionist as well. I will return to this forum after I see him and share his advice!!! In the meantime I will hunker down and get through this......

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    Cool Neurontin withdrawal

    I am 36 yrs. old, and about 11 yrs ago I got clean. I then discovered after a few years that I had (almost my whole life) a severe mood disorder.
    I was inpatient at a hospital, and I had been on NEURONTIN, I believe it was 300 mg BID (?) but it was NOT a high dose, and I had no side effects while on it, nor did I have ANY idea that there were potential withdrawal effects if taken off abruptly.
    So, there was no "psycho-somatic" issues, as I had NO IDEA what was in store for me.
    They took me off only the Neurontin, and I was on everything I had been on when I was admitted, and as an OP.
    I actually loved the place I was in, as it was beautiful, relaxing, and effective.
    I was not anxious or having mood swings, but they suggested I "come off the Neurontin, since your insurance is about to pull Neurontin off the list from it's "formulary" (list of meds they will and won't pay for) since Neurontin was NOT FDA approved for use in mood disorders, despite it's obvious success.
    RED TAPE- you know the deal
    So to sum it up, I went off the Neurontin, and within 32 hours I was pacing the halls, sweating, my heart rate was up over 108 at REST, I could not eat, or even SMOKE (that is when I know I am REALLY sick) and I just KNEW it had to be the Neurontin, but this was so many years ago these doctors take YEARS to get the "picture" that many of us know already.
    I TOLD them it HAD to be the neurontin.
    I even told them to give me a placebo, a capsule that is empty, and then for a day the capsule that is full, and they could see for themselves!
    (but that is against the law)
    They FINALLY put me back on it, and weaned me off, over a period of a week, and I would NEVER touch the stuff again, although I know it does wonders for Neuropathy, so I guess if I had THAT I might take it.
    I get so DISGUSTED with Doctors that won't even CONSIDER the side effects of a drug unless it is in their prescious "PDR " (Physician Desk Reference)...
    I FEEL for all of you that went through or are going through the same thing...if any of you want to talk, please send me a message, I am here for you!
    Ashley (ashes2ashes)

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    I went CT from Lyrica on 04/30. I was 75mg BID.
    I had an L5-S1 fusion and 3 level decompression done on 04/30.
    I wanted off the meds, as I knew that I would be given more when I got out of the hospital. And with the operation, I hoped that I would no longer need a regiment of meds.
    I did take percocet and flexiril for a short time after the procedure.
    Well I am still feeling the WD symptoms to this day. Anxiety, depression, weird dreams. But, I can tell you I dropped 25 pounds. Maybe from the operation, maybe not. I ate a lot of ice cream. But my hands and feet feel so much better, and my face is not as puffy. But the WD symptoms still linger. It was not from the Percocet or the flexiril, as I only took those when I really needed them.
    I am up, walking around, and feel better.
    But my one question is how long will it last. My symptoms now are like sea sickness. It's really weird. Anyone have symptoms a few weeks out?
    Thanks everyone. keep the faith

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