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Thread: pressure sores on heels from shoes

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    pressure sores on heels from shoes

    I am looking for a bit of help for my son's feet. He is a C4/5, 8 months out from injury. He has sores on his heels. We've tried various methods of treating and prevention. They heal then come back. We could use some help.

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    Several years ago I had the misfortune of getting bad pressure sores on both of my heels. The problem wasn't so much the shoes themselves, but rather when I wore the shoes it caused my legs to not be supported by my seat cushion. I had my legrests adjusted slightly to allow for the added pressure. Also, while they were healing, my doc prescribed what I believe were called multi-podus boots, where there is a cutout for the heal so there is nothing touching it at all. They worked great. Hope that helps.

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    Heel ulcers

    I assume your talking about ulcers on the back of the heel (not on the sole of the foot). If not, let me know.

    The most common causes of heel ulcers are:

    -Shoes are too small: Your son should be wearing at least a size larger shoe than his pre-injury shoe size. It is better to go too large than too small, so you may want to go 1 1/2 or 2 sizes larger. Dependent edema cause cause significant pressure inside his shoes.

    -Pressure from heel-loops on the wheelchair. If he has excessive pressure here, the footrests need to be adjusted. Heel loops should be there to keep the foot from sliding off, but they should not be tight against the foot.

    -Not elevating the foot completely (bridging) in bed. The heels should never touch the bed. Pillows used behind the calves (without placing pressure behind the knee) so that the heels float in the air should be done routinely. There is no heel boot that works as well as this measure, and it requires no extra costs.

    Heel ulcers are very difficult to treat, and once healed, the excessive scar tissue will always make this area vulnerable, so measures should be taken by everyone with SCI to prevent them in the first place.


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    Both Green Machine and SCI Nurse are on the money with causes for your problem. I too suffer from these ulcers from time to time. Get the pressure off of his heals and the thing that helped me heal them up was a product called DuoDerm. It is like second skin but better.

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    I had same problem sometime ago. When at home or even outdoors I usually wear a slipper type looking moccasin lined with thick sheepskin, plus easy to put on and off.You can find them at The name brand is Hushpuppies-Weston. No foot problems in over 2yrs.

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