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Thread: Newly Injured Mom Looking For Help

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    Newly Injured Mom Looking For Help

    Good afternoon All,

    I volunteer at a rehab hospital in MA and just met a newly injured patient. This person is a dedicated mom of three (4,7,9), she misses her children so much and she has many questions on taking care of her kids. I mentioned this site to her but also said I would try and reach out for a contact person. Is anybody willing to communicate with her?

    This much I know: She was injured in November, currently vent dependent high quad. I've seen her move her right arm to shake hands. In the near future she will be transferred to a rehab floor with computer access. I know she loves her children and really misses her little girl (4).

    Any guidence would be appreciated. Please direct contact info to Private Topics. I'll also be directing her to

    Thanks in advance,

    Bob c5/6 ASIA d

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    So sorry to hear about someone else with children to become SCI...

    Just wanted to send my hugs to her... I think she will need lots of help from other people first. Hopefully, she can recover some functions over time...

    Good luck!

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    I would love to do what I can. My kids are 20 & 17, but my 20 year old was with me in the car accident. Blamed herself strongly! Ended up on drugs after the birth of her little girl, so my husband and I have been raising Kyree (the baby). It's a chalenge, but do-able! Keep your spirits up!!
    When we're down to nothing, God's up to something!
    Love & Light to all

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    I have a website that I am trying to make a GREAT place for disabled parents to go and I am a mom and have lots of pre and post SCI experience with many children and only post with my own. I'd love to help her out!!
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    On second thought I am a para and have no quad experience, but I hope to have the support and experience on my site some day.
    L1,2 Para since 9-12-99
    Mommy to William (2004) Lucas (2008) Nathan (2011)
    The Wheelchair Mommy Blog

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