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Thread: Inpatient rehabs

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    Inpatient rehabs

    I am looking at the going back into an inpatient rehab for 7 to 10 days (insurance has already approved). My problem is we have no rehabs locally (meaning within a couple of hours) that has much experience with spinal cord injuries.

    Would I be better off to go to one of the local rehabs or would I be better off to try to get insurance to send me back to the Shepherd Center in Atlanta? I am mainly dealing with contractures and need a social worker/counselor. I am thinking Atlanta but I hate to leave the family because they would not be able to visit.


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    Heath, I'd hit Shepherd. Yes, it will be hard to be away from family for seven to ten days, but the focus is for the best rehab you can get.

    A week to ten is not very long. You want to get the most out of it you can. As long as Shepherd's social workers can set you up with what you need when you return home, why not go to a center where you will get the best and they know about, specialize in SCI?

    Let us know what you decide.

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    Heath, I agree wholeheartedly with LaMem'....

    Shepherd is top-notch, worth every penny and the focus will be on you as they put you thru your "wrinkles"....those are the things you get on your face from all the therapy they'll put you thru! What I wouldn't give
    to be a ......"fly on the wall".

    Yes, you'll miss your family, but I'll bet you'll be so glad to see that bed
    when nightfalls....and just a phone call from them will be enough to boost
    your spirits and still get you the rest you'll need for the next day's therapy!!

    But, what do I know, as you always say", I'm old and senile" what do
    I ya..take care...will be thinking about you wherever you do go and want details when you return home!

    Your Queen awaits....
    Your life is what you make it, and only you have that choice!

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    I am wanting to go back to the Shepherd Center but my primary doctor thinks they can do what I need in one of the local rehabs. I go for a physical therapy evaluation tomorrow so we will see what they say.

    I can always use the computer to communicate back and forth with the family. I am scared one of the rehabs without much SCI experience may create problems such as pressure sores, etc..


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    heath, i gotta agree--u need to find a place where the nurses are very familiar with the needs of someone with SCI. It would really suck if you were to get a pressure sore while @ rehab.

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    i think that you would greatly benefit from Shepherd... it is a great facility and they are only getting better by adding more and more equipment and therapists. your bonus is that we would get to meet, lol...

    I am scared one of the rehabs without much SCI experience may create problems such as pressure sores, etc..

    this is where your knowledge of SCI should take over.. if you were placed in any hospital, at this point, you should be able to inform anyone of your care..

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    Haven't thought about that Jeff. That would be pretty cool.

    That may beThe deciding factor To keep me away.:-)
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    Dude, by all means pack your butt to yonder. 10 days aint nuthin compared to what you'll gain in health. You do not want to be the one educatn folks. You want to be the one listening. The quality of care and issue of knowledge should come first when considering rehab. Best of luck to you and your family.

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    Would absolutely look at Shepard vs local rehabs. You need people experienced with all types of persons with SCIs.


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