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    The Cure Forum

    I thought that I would post some comments about the Cure Forum here. The cure forum was established originally to discuss news and views of cure research and therapies. This is the place to discuss the latest advances in research, therapies, as well as clinical trials and results.

    In the beginning, people posted not only news reports, scientific articles, and all topics related to cure of spinal cord injury but also stories of people with spinal cord injury.

    To keep the discussion to cure, we created the News Forum to put Health and Science News, Spinal Cord Injury News, as well as Ability and Disability News, and General News. People should continue posting news that are not related to cure of spinal cord injury and related conditions to those news forums.

    In the past year, the forum became inundated with postings concerning funding, legislation, and topics about advocacy, particularly about stem cell research. We added the Funding, Legislation, and Advocacy Forum and posts that are related to those topics should be posted there. For example, news and views concerning legislation, organizations receiving and funding spinal cord injury research, and advocacy posts should be posted there.

    The Research Forums are intended for the posting of scientific articles and discussion of these articles. These forums are divided into areas. People should post original scientific articles (not news articles about research) in these forums. They should post news articles in the News Forum. For example, if you come across an interesting news article about stem cells. Post that either in the Cure Forum or the Health & Science News Forum. If you have an original scientific article, post that in the appropriate Research Forum.

    Thank you very much.


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    My apologies to the forum ...


    My apologies. I was someone this morning who posted incorrectly. Thank you for the review of the operations parameters I will continue to make myself aware of the criteria.



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    titan, don't worry about it. Sorry, I didn't see your post earlier. That is one of the reasons why we have moderators. Wise.

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    what about cockroach eating contest in the life forum , that has nothing at all to do with life of a SCI patient.

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    Now you are just assuming that I don't enjoy the occasional crunchy cockroach appetizer.

    Life forum is about life. It is multicolored and variable. I don't think it's meant to be restricted only to issues about SCI, this weekend I posted about having a Saturday night free. That happens to AB parents of 17 year old too, right? Kristi went to Dallas to a Cowboys game, met some Carecurers for general hedonism, the only real SCI connection was the people involved.

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    Hello everybody… I am Hemant and suffering from Muscular dystrophy (MD)… Recently I came across a doctor from Gujarat, INDIA, who is treating with embryonic stem cells. I found the doctor very frank and honest person to have a good communication… He told me that the treatment is NOT benefiting MD as he has tried on several people …

    But then during conversation he told that me that it is very successful on PARTIAL SCI patients… i.e. with those patients who have all the cords intact and not for those with surgical removal of the spinal cord… I do not have complete idea about the suffering of sci nor I am from medical background to understand the subject very clearly… I am a sufferer of neuromuscular problem like you people do… So, those who are interested and especially those who stay near Gujrat, INDIA, should contact him and collect the necessary information so that others can be informed correctly and precisely… He has treated several patients with 1 or 2 injection of sc at the most for remarkable results, is what I heard from the person, who gave me his number…

    Doctor Trivedi
    Ahmedabad, Gujrat,
    Mobile No. : 09824049369
    Phone : (079) 22685700 (Resi.)

    You may refer me while initiating talks as Hemant, Muscular dystrophy, from Nagpur, Maharashtra… You may call me if you like to on my phone (0712) 2223990… but whatever I knew I have written it to the fullest… I have always enjoyed this CC forum and happy to be a part of it..

    Best of luck

    Please put these message in other related threads

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