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    Quote Originally Posted by rita.jones56 View Post
    I support your cause and I think it's great what you are doing, but it's a shame that it's so difficult to make progress because our current administration has stopped so much research and been so against all stem cell research that it's set us back many years. I am glad to hear of your condition improving though. It's great hope for the future.
    I'll have to agree with Rita on this one. Stem cell research has gotten so much bad publicity recently its insane. I think one of the biggest drawbacks to the stem cell research is religions stance on it though (IMHO).

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    Is there any new stem cell treatments for Cauda Equina. I would love to be pain free and walk with out a cane I see that the last post was 2 years ago . Am I talking to noone

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    Very Curious about the Stem Cell will cure for diabetic (something like GN 4)
    I found out from newspaper or else I can't remember that
    Can you tell me more about this ?
    How does that work stem cell for diabetic ?

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