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Thread: Back to WWRC for rehab

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    Father's Day at my sister's house. My 2 boys, Sam and Jeb, hanging out with their old man......

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    Nice pics John. Glad to see you're still kickin' butt. You deserve everything you get back and more for as hard as you're working.

    How old are the boys? I'll sign them up for free Jakes memberships.
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    You look great john with your 2 good looking sons keep up the great work anty
    Be always determined in Life and Love

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    Hey Robin.....the boys are 10 and 12. That would be really cool to enroll them in the program. They'd both really like that. Thank you.

    Hi Anty... Thank you for the compliments. Cant wait to see what I can get done this week. Really feel I can improve more on my gait training in the pool. Its the waiting thats killing me. Will try Cory's ideas on trunk exercises agin, see if I can do it without a face plant .

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    I love the lawn mower picture. Nice handsome boys you have. Although the mischief seems to jump out of the young ones eyes.....LOL
    It's great being able to watch your progress.......I wish you a strong speedy recovery.
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    Thanks, Daisy. The younger one is a rascal, but he is a wonderful rascal. The older one just plugs along till things go his way. Love his determination to get a situation to turm in his favor. Bulldog, he is. I also would like to thank you for your kind support. I need all the help I can get to leave this chair in the dumpster.

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    22nd Week at Woodrow Wilson......

    A pretty rough week . Couldnt seem to hit on much, just was off all week. Best effort on the Ergys 2 bike was Friday, set points were: 1/8 Kp resistance @ 53 rpm for 30 min. Finished with 0.7/8 Kp @ 51 rpm. Distance was 5.7 mi. I dont get it. Early in the week I was able to go 6-7 minutes before hitting 100% max stim, with the rides finishing rather terribly(0.5Kp@ 50 rpm--5.4-5.6 mi.) Friday's run I fell off the edge at 3 1/2 min., yet finished on a rather strong effort. Does this happen to anyone else? These legs drive me nuts sometimes. The pool therapy went better, as PT didnt need to help at all with gait work with walker. However, in doing hip exercises, left leg would not hold up to do the right leg. Agin, I cant seem to figger these legs out somedays. Tough sledding on the Nu-Step this week. At level 6 I could not get but a few reps with the legs only, having to back it down to lower levels in order to achieve some sort of rythym. Hip machine went ok, got slammed at the highest level on the right leg, left leg snored through whole sets, would not move much at all on higher settings. Abs went well, as I did manage some more sit-ups than before. Still cannot do whole sets of 25 without failing to complete whole sit-ups. This carpal tunnel is truly bugging me. Its now affecting walks that I could complete without stopping. The quad cane walk was finished with numb hands. The stim pack attached to left leg, and using an AFO, went better. Got some fairly decent knee-flex steps in before leg muscles tired. This I am very pleased to see this get going. Continue to use stim pack on left leg for dorsi flexion, this is improving as the ankle is doing some on its own. Using the powder board, got some good work with hip flexors, but hamstring and adductor/abductor exercises were slow. Tried Cory's exercises, and found I could do them ok. Not very well, but its a start.
    The Botox shots didnt happen, the stuff didnt arrive till Friday. Doc has it set up for early next week. Continue to reduce the Dantrium, now at 3 pills/day. Spams be damned, Im getting off this stuff. And for a last accounting of the week, I fell out of my chair 2x on Friday. Once transferring from hip machine to chair, and at end of day fell out trying to put weight on the Rickshaw set up. Just the perfect ending to a bad week. Best wishes and prayers to Kristen and her family as they leave for PW for a month. I do look forward to some good news on her progress upon their return.

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    Wow wonderful work graybeard. I like to ask u a few questions if u don't mind. How are u paying for the rehab? Do u live around the area or do u commute. What about work? Do u work? Where do u find the time to focus with wife and kids? The reason I asked is that I wanted to go to SCI step but don't have the means, and my kids are young (12 and 6). I went back to work about 5 months after the accident and been working since. My husband alone cannot pay the mortgage since I live in CA where cost of living is high. About a month ago I started to move my left thigh in and out. It came back 1.5 year after, so I believe there is something there, just can't seem to have the opportunity to go anywhere. If I do go to SCI Step then I would be living alone and that scares me. Well keep up the good work...

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    Hi htran....Iam currently staying at the rehab center. Workmens Comp is paying my stay, as well as my income. I will have a job to go back to once I am discharged, it just wont be the same one. I was the midnight shift co-supervisor, but will be a technical assistant upon return. I generally go home on weekends, and call the house during the week. It aint easy, but we agreed a long time ago this would be my best chance to get out of the chair. The other clinics are too far away, and too expensive. Once discharged, I am hoping to continue an out-patient program at Woodrow Wilson because of the skill and knowledge of PT's there, and the equipment available to work on. It is about a 2-hr drive one way for me, yet well worth the trip. Hope this helps...John

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    you'll have good days and bad days trust me. There are some days I can walk forever and leg press without feeling fatigue at all. Then the next day I can barley walk or my trunk control went to nothing. Throughout my recovery it was always like this, strong days and days I couldn't hardly move anything and the PT's where like WTF. Don't let it get you down, keep up the great work man! Your looking good!

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