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Thread: Back to WWRC for rehab

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    Hey...fuzzy face...ya get another four weeks, you lucky shitzu..I figured they'd have you in solitary confinement by now. Hah!

    You will feel great, learn alot and hopefully continue this routine when you get home. Gotta just force yourself when you do get home tho, til it becomes a habit...but don't go obsessive/compulsive on me....

    Trust me, if we ever meet we can compare our "buns of steel",,,hee hee
    but I'll always look better in a skirt than you will...

    Give it up for the Queen

    Take care, feel the burn!!!
    Your life is what you make it, and only you have that choice!

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    Hey Aly.... good to hear from you. Yes, Kate is still here,and has not softened up any. She is my PT, and keeps the exercises coming. Which is exactly what I wanted when I arrived here. A hard worker to push the limits of my endurance everyday. I'm not gonna get out of the chair any other way. I challenge myself as much as I can, and it really helps to have a PT to feed that challenge. They have a Saturn Ion now for OT car transfers, and one thing it doesn't have is a "oh-no" handle above the door. Makes it difficult to find a good hand grip. Still need to work on this. I am getting better with the right foot moving from gas to brake pedal,though still not quick enough for rush hour traffic. I am hoping to not need any hand controls when I leave here.

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    Queen....I will GLADLY allow you to be prettier than me inna skirt!! I much prefer to see you in a skirt than me!! I certainly gonna stay at it till I can leave the chair for the trashman. I am greedy. I want it ALL back. No use doing things half-way. And oh yeah, we is definitely having a "steel-butt" contest!!! We certainly gotta meet up one day, it'd be a hoot!!!

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    5th week at WWRC......

    Been some tough sledding this week. Jus seems at times was really fighting the walker, couldn't get any real rythym going. Managed a 160ft walk by Friday, so I guess it wasnt all bad. I jus hate it when I hafta quit walking cuz my shoulders are tired. What the hell is that?? Need to get my posture squared up somehow. My chest is too far forward, and my butt is sticking out,daring Queen to jus boot it one time!! Made it to 95lbs on the leg press, but REALLY fought to finish the reps of 15. Still need to increase the weight. PT started me doing some ab workouts using a weighted ball. Need to continue working this area bigtime. Tried 2 new ideas this week. One was the "parastep", a rig having electrodes attached to areas of the legs, and controlled by a specially outfitted walker using control buttons to make the legs 'walk' when activated. We jus hooked up the 'trodes and using a control box to see if could similate a walking motion. Hurt way too much for amount of stim needed to move leg. Other machine is called a Kinecton, or Kinetone. Not real sure. Jus an another form of a stepper,'cept it can offer resistance if wanted. It went ok, not great,but thought it may help with my left leg to psh downward. The E-Stim bike workouts were probably the best of anything. Finished the week able to do 45 min. with 100% of 1/8 Kp resistance. The rpm setpoint was 32, the lowest level. Did somewhat surprise myself that I could do a few hamstring curls with left leg on powder board. This one of my weakest muscle groups(other being the thigh, and calf), on this leg. Still using ultrasound heat on the left ankle area, trying to loosen up the tissue and calf muscle. May need to try more progressive treatment nextweek. PT has been having do arm weight exercise,with various weight machines. I can only guess she dont like seeing bald fat guys with skinny arms. But it has helped in better strength for the walker workouts. Oh well, till next week......

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    Keep working hard John, you'll make it. You've GOT to walk again! Because if you don't, I'm gonna tease your ass about those sissy flashing casters forever!
    "It is every man's obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it. Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value." - Albert Einstein

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    6th week at WWRC....

    Had a very tough time again with the walker. This damn thing jus seems to fight back when I try to get going. Lack of sleep is really hampering my walking efforts. Tried Ambien, but helped only one night,and the following day was actually my best of the week(Thursday). At that point I had to have a good day,was really down in the dumps. I guess I am thinking too much at night of what may have gone wrong during that day's exercises,and worry about home as well. Made a promise to myself to re-focus my thoughts to push as hard as I can next week to make the walking efforts more effective and with correct posture.
    There have been some good things that did occur this week. I had 4 injections of Lidicaine into my left calf to see if it would loosen my ankle. Worked tremendously well. Foot was able to fully plant in brace, and PT was actually able to slightly decrease angle of foot. This means a follow-up of Botox injections(next week, hopefully) will certainly be a huge advantage for walking with the brace.
    Worker's Comp has agreed to extend another 4 wks if it is needed. This would put my rehab into late May, if I continue to improve. I continue to improve on the E-stim bike. I did 100% at 3/8 Kp resistance for 30 minutes at 32 rpm, without hitting 100% stim. Came damn close, but was really determined to make it the full ride. PT wants to crank it up to 4/8 Kp next week. I cant wait to try it. I managed to push 120lbs on the leg press, but had to stop before attempting 130lbs. External catheter popped off, lets jus say I "pissed away" that chance to try it. I did make one walk of 230ft, but lordy did it whip my behind. Need to get past the pain of the wrists and shoulders and jus push till there aint nuthin left, quit leaving it for another day. No more quitting. I did a set of leg curls, and used a 4lb weight on the right, and had moderate success with it. The last set was pretty wobbly. I have continued to do ab workouts, and man are they paying off. I have better control of trunk area,and though still weak,it is marked a improvement. This area is very crucial for in regards to standing and walking stability.This also is where most of the paralysis still exist. Well, that's all for now.......

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    7th week at WWRC....

    I had a very good week this go round. I am continuing to gain strength in the right leg, using 7lbs for lower leg extentions using a a large bolster. The left leg I was using 2-21/2lb weight, it was a struggle at times to get the leg to kick it up, but it eventually got rocking. I could not increase the weight on the leg press, stuck at 120lbs. Had very tough time with the set weight that PT decided to keep weight where it was, and managed 2 sets at 120lbs. Still doing good with the Stim Bike, finished the 30 min. ride at 4/8 Kp resistance, without hitting 100%. Kicked my rearend to no end, but did accomplish it. Continue to see better results with the walker,not only in distance(310 ft), but also in the quality of gait. I did accomplish some curb hopping tasks,scaling the 2" and 4" curbs. Also did ramp climbing and decending without a hitch. Managed 5 lb hamstring curls for the right, but left are still non-existant. I recieved good news from PT that I have been upgraded to Asia-D scale. One more step closer to Dancing. I am still amazed at the ability of the left leg to improve the range on the powder board, using inside and outside abductors to swing leg side to side. Concentrating on the gluts to push a straight leg backwards with force. My abs are getting stronger, can almost do a sit-up without heavy med-ball,can definitely do one with med-ball.Using 15lb kettle-drum ball for ab work leaning forward and pulling straight back in my chair. Found I could somewhat stand after poop prairie doggie program, by using one hand rail, and pushing legs against can, stand up and pull drawers up. This works as long as knees dont buckle, which would land my lardbottomess on the can. Tried a Glider 6000, and still have not made my mind up as to whether it is beneficial to me or not. Will begin incorporatring the Vitaglide into my morning warm-up exercise. I think it will greatly help my arms and shoulders get ready for the morning work-outs. I am trying a new twist with the Nu-step by trying to go as long as possible jus pushing the peddles with my legs only at the 1 setting(lowest). I have been able to go @4 min. so far doing this. Continue to do arm weights,incresing here and there. Find it helpful for doing long walks w/walker to have some muscle in arms(not noggin ). Did hear that I might get Botox shots next week,this I hope will help get left leg feeling groovy about stepping out. Am scheduled to do an orthodic clinic on Tuesday, which means once I get a personal leg brace, can bring home on weekends and try out around the 'hood. Only means I am that much closer to trashin' my chair.l Lets say I is stoked. And Then I gets to do this: . 'Nuff said..... ...till next week...

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    Sounds like progress Happy to hear that.
    The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same. ~ Don Juan Matus
    We are Virginia Tech… We must laugh again… No one deserves a tragedy… We are strong, and brave, and innocent, and unafraid…We are better than we think and not quit what we want to be…We are the Hokies…We will prevail, we will prevail, we will prevail. We ARE Virginia Tech! ~ Nikki Giovanni

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    Thanks Aly,Its gettn better. Do hope your studies are going well....John

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    Paula and I were talking about you the other day. We were both at a conference last week. She said Kate wants me to say nicer things about her other than how hard she makes people work, I told her that was a good thing. Don't sweat the catheter thing, ask them how many times I threw up on them when I was there. Did Paula show you my high school prom picture she has at her desk OMG it is bad, if you are having a bad day and need a laugh go check it out. She and I took an new one together so she could cover that one up.
    The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same. ~ Don Juan Matus
    We are Virginia Tech… We must laugh again… No one deserves a tragedy… We are strong, and brave, and innocent, and unafraid…We are better than we think and not quit what we want to be…We are the Hokies…We will prevail, we will prevail, we will prevail. We ARE Virginia Tech! ~ Nikki Giovanni

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