1. Gunnar Hansen actually, purposely cuts actor Marilyn Burns finger in the scene where the brothers are forcing her to "feed" grandpa.

2. For most of the filming of the movie the chainsaw, a Poulan 306A, was fully functional and a danger to all cast members in close proximity to it. Late in the filming the clutch was permanently disengaged.

3. Gunnar Hansen (Leaterface) and many of the cast and crew disliked Paul Partain (gimp, Franklyn Hardesty) who stayed in character and the wheelchair throughout the filming. Gunnar found Partain's whining ways so annoying that he took pleasure in the multiple retakes of the scene where gimp Franklyn struggles into and within the first house the luckless crew visit.

4. The human skeleton in the house at the end of the movie was a real human skeleton. They used a real one because a human skeleton from India is far cheaper then a fake plastic skeleton.

5. Due to the low budget, Gunnar Hansen had only one shirt to wear as Leatherface. The shirt had been dyed, so it could not be washed; Hansen had to wear it for four straight weeks of filming in the Texas summer. By the end of the shoot no one wanted to eat lunch with Hansen because he smelled so bad.

6. The soundtrack contains the sounds an animal would hear inside a slaughterhouse.

7. During the film's shooting, a local county sheriff,______ ______, drove within two feet of camera tracks that extended across a section of highway and, after being informed that all necessary permissions and paperwork had been obtained for the placement of the tracks, announced "This is my county"! This same sheriff commandered a helicopter and fired his handgun at Charles Whitman while Whitman was sniping people from the Texan U. clock tower. He was forced to abandon the venture when it became obvious that Whitman's superior firepower and expertise would soon result in his demise if he persisted. I guess it wasn't "his clock tower".