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Thread: Palm to forehead moments

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    Palm to forehead moments

    I was a little off kilter this morning. I went to my doctor for my annual labs. From the time I left the house, I was sure I forgot something. And driving without eating isn't the safest thing for me, or others on the road, either. Might as well have been driving drunk. To my great horror, when I returned to my car, after peeing in the jar, and having blood drawn, I saw that I forgot to hang my permit on the rearview mirror! Lucky for me, it's a small self standing building, with HC parking in the rear -- no citation, and nobody keyed my car.

    I ate a banana on the way to the grocery store. The banana put some smarts back in my head. Before I even made the call to have an electric cart brought out for me, I made certain I displayed the permit. On my way into the store, I watched a young mother and her toddler gaily skipping along the HC access path to their car, parked in HC parking. (I silently wondered wtf is her handicap?)

    On my way out of the store, I spotted a pickup truck in the very first HC parking slot, with a vibrant orange sticker on the driver's side window. In bold black letters, it said, "VIOLATION," with a few paragraphs below. Under the windshield wiper was a citation. I've never seen this before. I raised my arm to the sky and screamed, "YES!!!!"

    And, then, I reluctantly thought it might be some other dumb schmuck who forgot to display their hangtag. I hope that's not the case. I'm just happy to finally see some enforcement. This city could get out of debt by enforcing!

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    I have forgotten to hang my parking tag several times. Unfortunately they don't seem to ticket people here. When I go to the grocery store I usually park in the back of the lot near the shopping cart return things. I do that because I can leave myself enough room to get out and nobody can park on that side of me. It's also the safest place to park because nobody ever puts their shopping carts in there so I don't have to worry about people ramming their carts into my car.
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    A couple of weeks ago I went to a bike shop. It was around 8:00 pm and the parking lot was pretty empty. I parked in a handicap spot, the only one in front of the bike shop. To my amazement there was a car parked next to me in the hash marks next to the HC spot and there were plenty of open spaces next to it. For the first time ever I took action. I called the police and asked them to tow it. I don't know if they did or not, I could not wait around to see. It was more than likely a lazy employee of one of the neighboring shops. I did ask the people in the bike shop if they knew who was driving the car before I called the police.

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