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Thread: question regarding botox in the bladder

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    question regarding botox in the bladder

    More than 15 months ago, I had botox injected in my bladder to relax it. They told me the results would last 3 to 6 months but today it is still working perfect. There is a huge difference with my bladder before the injections. Before I could only hold about 150cc and now I can still hold up to 600cc. Also haven't had any accidents since. Is there any possible explanation for the effect lasting this long?

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    i don't have any answers to your questions, but i sure hope i'm like you in 15 months!!! i just had botox injections 3 days ago. i have an indwelling cath in until monday (my doc never explained why....anyone know why i need this in? it really doesn't make life easy!).

    i'm still in that stage of wondering.....when will this kick in? much will it help if any?

    i just started i.cathing last july after 12 years wearing an external catheter. high bladder pressures necessitated it. i'm on 30mg ditropan xl every morning and usually get the sensation to go at about 300cc. the problem is if i'm in my car or bed, i have zero wait time before i'm going. so staying dry was difficult. if i could get up to 500-600cc that would cut at least 1 cath a day and really help my confidence.

    i'm excited to see how this turns out! hope i enjoy the same success you have!

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    I am glad to hear that the botox has worked for you BKE and I really hope it works for you too BOBBY , I wasn't so lucky , I have bad luck anyway I got 15 injections of BOTOX and I wasn't so Lucky , then they tried a bladder stimulator to try to stop my Bladder spasms , still no luck I tried Ditropan , a new medication called Sanctura ,I tried Detrol la right now I am taking Imprimine 4 times a day and I have to have wear a balloon type catheter and a bag that snaps over my stoma that is in my belly button due to me having the mitro stoma operation and the catheter goes into a bag that when it fill up I'm able to drain it , part of it is I also am on Lasix which helps your body create Urine , I've had 7 back operations that caused me to have a neurogenic Bladder so my bladder doesn't empty all the way . But I want to wish both of you good luck and I'm glad to see that the Botox does work on some people , but I have many other problems too well good luck to both of you and I hope it keeps working .Larry

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    The suggested time is 3 to 6 months but can be longer and it seems you are one of the lucky ones.Maybe dose related?

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    I just checked. The first time (which lasted about 5 months) I had 200 unities of botox injected. The second time, december 2004, I had 1000 unities of dysport injected. Seems like a huge dose difference but the prices were about the same. Anyway I'm very glad the result is lasting this long and I hope it will stay for another while!

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