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    Palm TX

    Just got a Palm TX yesterday, and am actually posting this using it. The WiFi works flawlessly so far. I love new toys! I will post a review of it after the honeymoon period is over if anyone is interested. I can say one thing already though-- grafiti 2 sucks!

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    tell us about it after you have used it for a week or so, curious, do you use your isp for web access or your cell carrier?

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    no on screen keyboard program?

    how long is the battery life using wifi?

    she likely uses her isp or public wifi hotspots

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    I'm surprised there is no onscreen keyboard. I know all the windows mobile devices have a popup keyboard to use but could see Palm relying on grafiti for data entry. A good reason to invest in a bluetooth keyboard for large amounts of data entry on your device. Most of these come 802.11g compatible to send and receive email at public hotspots such as starbucks. You can also use as a modem to get your laptop online as well but I believe that costs mucho more for the service. I love my PDA and hope you find yours as useful as I have mine. Looking forward to updates and comments on how it works.

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