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Thread: AAARRRGGGHHHH Pants are driving me mad!!!

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    AAARRRGGGHHHH Pants are driving me mad!!!

    What do guys do for pants? I'm sick of wearing running pants, and when I try wearing khakis or jeans, either my ass is hanging out or I am severely bunched up in the crotch! I've heard of specially made pants for wheelchair users, but I was wondering what guys on here do aleviate the issue.
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    rolli-moden has pants made for wheelers but theyre way overpriced IMO. i wear regular jeans sometimes but they fit better than the joggers to me.

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    Get a "privacy" curtain...... sweat pants suck. I usually wear work pants... Thinner flatter seams.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patonb
    Get a "privacy" curtain...... sweat pants suck. I usually wear work pants... Thinner flatter seams.
    i wear levi slates dress pants for the office, then i prefer shorts on the weekends rep
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    I've shopped here before It's about the same price as a regular pair of jeans and they make them to fit right. Your crack won't show, you'll have room in the crotch and the length will be right too, which is what I usually have trouble with.

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    I wear technical outdoorsy stuff. The best I've found for transferring a bazillion times a day are North Face Paramount Convertible pants, sized a little larger than I would normally wear. They're not cheap ($65), but have features to make them worth it to me:

    - nylon, but not shiny like track pants
    - look fine w/ a casual button-down shirt
    - snap waist (vs. a quad-unfriendly button)
    - built-in belt w/ easy-to-operate-as-a-quad buckle
    - quick-drying, easy to wash, hard to stain
    - beefy rear loops for tugging the waist up
    - integrated pockets, deep enough to use to straighten twists/bunches
    - convertible to shorts, thus multi-season use

    There are other pants I've found to work well too, but these are the best by far, IMO. If you can swing the price, you'll get a lot of wear out of them. I've got a couple pairs & they see the most use of any of my pants.


    edit: I wear them 1 size larger than normal... it's just easier for me & they still don't fall down. If you don't wear underwear, this might be a small problem if you're anti-crack... dunno though. I wear boxers underneath & you can typically see an inch or so of them above the pants' waist from the rear, but the crack is covered.
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    for jeans, I've stuck to Lee's. I cant stand the feeling of my pants pulling down all the time either.
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    I mainly wear sleep pants, but they can look too casual sometimes. I even wore them all dressed up. I think a brand new pair of black sleep pants look pretty ok with a nice shirt. $10 isn't a bad price either.

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    jim also like many of u used to wear sweats all the time. i found pants that r similar to the ones scott is talking about and less expensive. there made by columbia...usually on sale for around 39.00. the only downside is they only come in 2 colors...stone and sage. i just got the landsend catalog and they came out with the same type of pant...comes in more colors. we're gonna give those a try. everything that scott said about the northface line holds true to these.
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    Been wearing Rolli Moden, good fit and comfy but they went up in price, again. Sent for the Wheelchair Jeans catalog. From their web page it appears they can do a bunch of customizing for an individual without costing too much. I'm comforatble in sweats around the house, but prefer jeans and colored slacks when going out.

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