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Thread: Lipitor for high cholesterol

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    Wink Lipitor for high cholesterol

    My wife's SCI gives her low blood pressure of 90/60. The doctor wishes her to start Lipitor for high cholesterol. There is some discussion that low blood pressure gives more risk of Lipitor side-effects. Does anyone
    hve experience with taking Lipitor? Thanks.

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    Statins (like Lipitor, atorvastatin) can lower blood pressure of people with "high" blood pressure but usually have no effect if blood pressure is "normal". I would think that it will not lower blood pressure if it is already below normal. Try and see? Give us feedback.
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    hi lenallen , I take Lipitor for my cholesterol it was 302 before starting this medication and it has worked very well for me it brought it from302 down to 164 and my blood pressure is usually around 128/76 in that range so it really helped me out a lot good luck. LBUSH

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    My situation may be unique, but I found that I could not tolerate Lipitor or Zocor. After a few weeks of use I would begin to get bad stomach cramps and finding a bathroom quickly became a necessity. By stopping and restarting use of these meds I was able to identify them as the cause of the problem. Fortunately, I have been able to tolerate Zetia. I find that about once every two months or so, I have a problem similar to the other two, but the intensity and urgency are not as severe. The best part is that it keeps my cholesterol scores at healthy levels. Your wife, like most people, may tolerate these meds well. As we know, everyone is different.

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    Thank you

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