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Thread: Spellcheck problems?

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    carl, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

    1. Your user account may not have... <snip>
    This is what I just received. Logging out and back in gave the same results. I think you had the same problem last upgrade so perhaps take notes this time. Maybe my spelling just can't be helped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by carl
    Maybe my spelling just can't be helped.
    That excuse works for me It says I need permission also.
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    I use iespell
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    First spell check would not show up....
    I changed my settings and the button is now there but when hit it tells me I don't have permission to use it. I'm using Safari on a mac and didn't have problems until recently (well when that button first disappeared)...could it be my browser?


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    Smile ?????


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    I too do not have permission, are we being punished?
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    Unhappy No spellcheck, Jeff W.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Weeks
    I re-added the spellcheck. But one user was getting an error on the re-added spellchecker.

    I can't reproduce the error on any of the ten computers in my life.
    Hi Jeff Weeks,

    Now there's been leschinsky, tocker, Aly, carl, stlyin moe, Sally's Mom, Me, shelley & duge that have reported this problem. Assuming that there's at least ten users for each one that reports to this thread (a very modest assumption), that's very near one hundred of us that have no access to the spellcheck function of this software.

    We're resourceful people; we have found ways to get around it. It would sure be nice if we didn't have to. (Would you send me one of the ten computers in your life, and I'll send you mine?)
    Last edited by jukespin; 05-01-2006 at 04:33 PM. Reason: Needed To Use Spellcheck!

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    I'm with Juke, I'll send you mine as
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    Google toolbar for FireFox has a pretty good spellcheck.
    i found it doesn't work with the WYSIWYG editor
    it works with the standard editor
    cauda equina

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    I'm a mew member. I got the "no permission" error message when trying to use spell check. Has this been resolved for others?

    Would love to have this feature available, I'm a poor speller.

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