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Thread: Anyone Driving Mazda 5?

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    Anyone Driving Mazda 5?

    Is anyone driving a Mazda 5?

    What kind of chair fits? Are you removing the wheels and cushion?

    I looked at a Mazda 5 for a few minutes the other day. With the rear seats slid all the way back there may be enough room for a folding chair with wheels between the front and second row seats. However, the chair may take some of the foot area on the passenger side. Has anyone measured the distance between the back of the front seat and front of the second row seat?

    I would prefer to use a rigid chair and not disassemble. It looks like the chair would fit if both center seats were removed. The center seats appear to be bolted and not easily re-installed to haul someone.

    Another option may be to remove the center row seat behind the driver and put the front casters of the chair on the folded center passenger seat.

    Anyway...Has anyone tried the different options? I hate to go to the dealer and start dragging chairs over their new door sills if someone already has a solution.



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    I'm looking at a few stock vehicles (ie no conversions).

    The one that impressed me most was the Honda Element. With the suicide door, lack of a pillar, and foldup rear seats (the fold up against the wall), I can get my TiLite ZRA in behind the driver seat fully assembled. I have no idea how this works day to day, but it seemed pretty slick in the dealership.

    I would have already purchased one, but they offered me about 1/2 bluebook on my current car.

    Along the same lines, I'm going to a dealership later this week to check out the Toyota FJ Cruiser. I've only seen pictures of this vehicle so I can't comment.

    -- JB

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