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Thread: FES results

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    thanks guys, i've ordered my bike and good thing i don't have kids cuz i would have had to sell them. it takes 3 weeks to get here, so keep on reminding me i didnt waste enough money to buy a new car.
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    i've been using fes bike for about a yr now. i also do lots of other exercises adding to improved strength. it's hard to tell if that helped or not. i'm sure it must have. i have very minimal toned quads and the calves are awful looking. they're so thin. now the bike doesn't do anything for the calves but comparing them to how the quads look there is a difference. i'm going to use it as long as they let me so maybe there will be less atrophy eventually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jr.
    I am looking for any free Pictorial diagrams of where
    to exactly place electrodes over skin, over motor point of the targeted muscles? Specificly Posterior view and anterior view. I am a T-10 para complete and would also appreciate any info on muscles effected at T-10 and to what sement of the spinal cord the nerve roots branch out at. I basicly want to know what muscles i should be able to stimulate with my NMES?
    I spent 4 hours in rehab just working to identify what muscles would respond and to get the proper placement. It is a process of trial and error. I have my charts with measurements for placement but they would most likly not apply to you. I am working on abs, quads, gluts, and shoulder/back muscles. Additionally I am using it for bicep/tricep and to get my clawed hand to open. I have exercises to do when the electrodes are on. My goal is improved trunk and quad strength to improve my standing, etc. I have gone from a para to a quad so we are trying to isolate what I do have to maintain my ability to walk.

    PT me if you have other questions.
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    shoc13 - I've been pedaling again for three weeks after a 12 week hiatus that caused my legs to shrink. I had spent so much time abroad, away from my bike, that it was impossible to avoid. I'm now pedaling every 36 hours..... like clockwork. I allow nothing to stop me. I'm shocked that I'm back in business so fast. Wow. I've almost achieved pre-hiatus conditioning.

    jb - There is electricity bleed-over to the calves..... at least using a stimmaster. The calves increase in size over time.

    My wife found me asleep one day [Dec 2004] with my chest on the bed and my knees on the floor cuz my big legs were just too heavy to pull up. I used to be able to drag my whole body up on the bed. Now my legs are just too big and heavy. I had fallen off my FES bike cuz it was so slippery after spraying myself with water during my ride. So, I crawled across the floor.... tried to get on the bed..... couldn't do it...... and then just went to sleep...... lol. Wife came home delighted to see my naked butt and snapped the photo. I've removed the background and glaring oriphice from the photo so you can see what paralyzed legs and buttocks can look like...... even on a quad. I am very close to achieving that shape again...... making gains now with every ride.

    If even one person decides to get a bike from looking at my photo then I'll be happy to endure every joke you can throw at me! Besides, soon I'll surpass that photo and it won't look like me anymore, anyway.

    So................. G E T ~ A ~ B I K E !~!

    There is just no other way to achieve the manifold improvement in cardiovascular system, immune system, bowel function, reduced risk of pressure sores, increased self-esteem, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc. FES....... there is no substitute.

    Edited to add another photo.... so you will have to click to see my butt.
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    awesome looking legs jeff i grudge you(lol) whats the cost for the fes bikes?

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    BTW, I wanted to state the obvious. You cannot pedal on the highest resistance until you have pedaled for a while.

    If you normally pedal at 0/8 or 1/8 resistance..... then try ending each ride with a rest and then 2 minutes on level 3/8. Just to add muscle bulk. The added bulk will also improve your endurance at lower resistances. Then just work your way up.

    As you gain muscle mass, the electricity will dissipate over a larger area/volume... causing stronger contractions with less pain. It just feels more natural than the jerky motion you will experience when you first start out.

    So...... if you already have a bike...... keep it up!

    My routine:

    1) 60" on level 0. It's a great warmup, great for the knees, and doesn't tire my legs much at all.

    2) 30-60" on 3/8 or 4/8. I start on 4/8 but the bike drops down eventually. I usually cannot make it 60" before almost passing out...... so I will hit the stop button when I start to feel really bad....... usually 35-45".

    3) Long rest [10 or 15"] while I slowly pedal by pushing with my hands.

    4) 2 minutes on level 9/8. Takes nearly a minute to reach 9/8. Then I pedal until 2 minutes, sometimes 3. It's really difficult. But so worth it.
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    j c - cost is a big impediment. New bikes are 15 G's.

    I bought my 97 Stimmaster in 1999 for $7000. It had barely been used. I'm a total tightwad with the electrode pads and use them until they stop working. My one year supply is still going strong after several years.

    I think some here are having success with insurance. Others are just deciding it is something they have to do and are raising the money somehow.

    My dream is to release plans for a simple bike that could be constructed at home for $500. The health of the SCI population would then improve almost overnight.

    The other impediments are contraindications like bad scoliosis, contractures, existing pressure sores or osteoporosis. I was lucky that I just seemed to take care of myself well over the first 20 years. Now, the FES is taking care of me. Partly cuz it forces me to be in top health in order to participate.

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    Dustin - you did the right thing. Having a nice car does not approach the awesomeness of having a healthy body. My Taurus is almost ten years old and has 96,000 miles. But it doesn't bother me at all.

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    Is it possible for someone like me who hasn't done anything in the way of muscle stimulation after almost 7 years post injury at T-10 complete , to start using a stim master or Electrical muscle stimulator. Can this therapy do anything for me now after all this time. Any info on this? Can muscles be reactivated after 7 years of atrophy? Are muscles still alive after 7 years of nonuse, other than spasms?
    Thanks: {Art}

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    Jr - You need the reflex arc in order to do FES. At T10 you might slide in there. Do you have any spasms in ur legs?

    I waited 20 years to do anything at all. Spasticity kept me with a little muscle tone..... but not near normal.

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