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Thread: Things are looking good....

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    Things are looking good....

    hey everybody, hows it goin? I just wanted to post something about The Neuro Institute! They have an article in the Mesa Tribune!!! To all who want to read the wonderful article the is the link, so read the article and post any comments.... Josh

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    good stuff Josh (you're the Josh who works there, right?)... hopefully I'll get out there soon... a few more details to work out, but time will tell. Thanks for posting this!

    ~ scott

    p.s. anyone, I posted this in a thread in the life forum re: photography, but here is a full-screen VR panorama I took of the Neuro Institute when I visited there a few weeks ago, if you want a better feel for the center. It's a 1 MB download, fyi... & you have to have quicktime installed, or it won't open... but when it does, spin it around

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