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Thread: BMX wheelchair...?

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    BMX wheelchair...?

    need something as close to a bmx bike...any suggestions...also there is a kid who is a para who...has a website that shows him at a skatepark and stuff...anyone know the link to his site?

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    He's a Canadian guy named Stacy Kohut. Here's his website:

    Here's my old BMX pics:

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    yup, that's Kohut.

    old thread for reference:

    Quote Originally Posted by Scott Pruett
    1) click here.

    2) choose "athlete stories" @ the bottom

    3) select Stacy Kohut.

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    Yeh Baron, secretly, we're lovers, me and Stacy.
    (Well not so secret anymore....)

    I'll roll over and ask him to contact you.

    (I joke, but the dood is awesome).

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    hell ya

    wishin i was a bag of cheetos... that dude is awesome...makes me want to go do some sick after watching a skate video...anyone know what kind of chair that is on the ramps? Or a chair made for aggressive mfers

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