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Thread: men and shorts

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    men and shorts

    what do you other guys do for a leg bag in the summer time with shorts? do you just let it hang out there for everyone to see, what about when you go into restaurant's. is there somthing better out there that doesn't leak and will hold more than a shot glass of urine? I hate everyone seeing my legbag, let alone those sexy muscular legs that just drive the women wild!

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    Here is a link to a product that may solve your problem.... a thigh bag allowing you to wear shorts, You'll no doubt be driving the women crazy again soon.. Good luck...

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    A couple of suggestions as I wear shorts pretty often when not at work.

    I have a sp catheter. I attach the catheter directly to the drain bag which holds 12oz vs 16oz (which I use when wearing pants). With shorts I use two straps to hold the bag in place. One on the upper thigh and one right above the knee. I always wear Bermuda type shorts (longer) and if there is a gap between where the shorts end and the bag shows I use a bandana (find at Wal Mart for $2) wrapped around my leg to camouflage the bag.

    Recently I've discovered shorts designed for sci available @ These shorts have an extra long leg which makes up for the gap in traditional Bermudas. Therefore no need for the bandana.

    Personally, I would NEVER be seen in public (even in rehab I didn't)with a urinary drain bag exposed. Especially in a restaurant regardless if its McDonald's or The Palm. I would consider that rude to the other patrons (who wants to eat/drink a meal while looking at a bag of piss?) I would consider it like second hand smoke. Invading someone else's experience.

    There's always a way, regardless of level of injury (vent included) to hide something as conspicuous as a leg bag. I say have some pride and do your best to disguise it. First impressions are lasting ones.

    As far as muscular looking legs or not that's also individual. Working out for me, even though I'm motor complete has helped muscle tone. I'm sure that those who consistently ride FES have very normal looking legs.

    Good luck with whatever you choose.

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    I'm with Phebus about the leg bag stuff. But I'm ashamed of my legs now, so I always wear long pants.


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    bert, my brother does the same as phebus-smalllegbag direct to s/p tube. i usually get his shorts at target, k-mart or walmart. the younger looking style right now is baggy and long, so we hip, man! i do take pains to pick the shorts without bulky pockets, zippers on the back, etc. the leg bag tucks easily on the thigh, making it feasible for him to check it. i also carry cheap plastic cups in the van and backpack for emptying the smaller legbag. carpenter-style pants and shorts make dressing easier and the legs are wider, making legbags easier to reach-long or shorts. the back seam is usually rough so i just sew thick felt-like material over that and have had no skin problems. $15.00 at k-mart or walmart.

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    One option, if it´s possible, is to convert to cathing intermittently. If that´s a no-go, then how about cutting down a pair of US Army BDU pants into shorts and putting the leg bag into the side cargo pocket? I remember from my Army days that they are quite large, and with some creative modifications, you could store a bag in both left and right cargo pockets, run the cath through the inside of the pocket, and when one gets full, empty it or swap over to the other bag.

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    Conveen-Coloplast also has a product which fits high on the thigh. It is like a standard leg bag, but has two tubes and an antireflux valve. So the urine drains into the bag as usual. Then you open the second tube and push on the bag and it drains out. The big difference here is that the second tube is long and you can cut a small hole in your pocket to pull it through to empty straight into a toilet. It is pretty slick and I have one person I see as an outpatient who really likes it. Hope my description makes sense. If you would like a product number, please re-post as I have samples at my office and can provide that info. (EMK)

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    I use the 9010 it is a thigh bag that is excellent in shorts and swim suits.


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    Consider the Belly Bag. I haven't tried them, but they look great.

    Julie Z

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    Originally posted by Phebus:

    Recently I've discovered shorts designed for sci available @ These shorts have an extra long leg which makes up for the gap in traditional Bermudas. Therefore no need for the bandana.
    How do you like the Rolli-moden shorts? Are they fashionable or do they look like the geriatric type clothes that all too many company's come out with?

    I don't trust catalogues, but if you can give a personal thumbs up after using them I'll order a pair.

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