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    Talking San Diego

    We are going to San Diego to a conference...any advice on what to see...where to eat....what is accessible....van rentals etc

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    Hit Coronado Island
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    I am in San Diego at least once a month. I can't speak for the tourist attractions as I simply do not do them, though as for dining and lodging if you haven't booked that already, the Four Seasons at Aviara is splendid, at least for San Diego. Vivace is an excellent Italian place within the hotel and the lobby bar is one of my favorites west of Vegas. I make it a point to visit the Museum of Contemporary Art in La Jolla at least monthly. Other things I can speak highly of include Balboa Park, Birch Aquarium, Del Mar if you are there during racing season, Prospect Street in La Jolla, Torrey Pines Reserve and simply watching the spectacular sunsets at Point Loma. Tijuana is always a fun day trip. My dining habits when I am there revolve mostly around the hotel and the San Diego Yacht Club as virtually every other place I have been has not met my standards. As for other places to stay, the only place I have stayed post sci has been the Four Seasons, but the Loews, Grand Hyatt, Westin and Marriott Marina hotels are all decent.

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    Just cruise up PCH... even if you can't rent a beach chair and go to the water you can see all the beautiful surf people being pretty in their bathingsuits.
    The BestWestern "Stratford Inn' in Del Mar has nice handicap rooms and its right on PCH and its cheap too. You have to hit Balboa Park.. museums are kick-ass. I liked cruisin to Encinitas and visitin the surf spots there. Beautiful views from the highway.
    Carlsbad has a really nice outdoor outlet mall. I think its called Carlsbad crossroads... anyway its the first street when you turn onto Carlsbad Airport RD off of PCH. its a great place to just kick it and do mindless shopping.
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    The Four Seasons is in Carlsbad, not San Diego, and the traffic during rush hour (AM and PM) is horrendeous anywhere on the north county coast. Del Mar is just as bad. If you want to stay in San Diego, there are a number of good hotels with accessible rooms in both Mission Valley and downtown/Gaslamp Quarter. You can get a lot of accessiblity information like this from Accessible San Diego:

    Call them if you don't find what you need on their site.

    The San Diego Trolley is accessible, but only goes to very limited locations. Most city buses are accessible. You can get info on both of these here: There are no accessible cabs. Cloud 9 Shuttle is the best for airport shuttles with lifts. The Old Town Trolley tour bus is accessible but requires 24 hours notice.

    Balboa Park has very good access for all the museums and sights there. The San Diego Zoo has good access with modifications. If you need an attendant, you pay to get in and one attendant can get in for free. There is access to the tour buses, but there are very steep hills and the moving sidewalks and Skyfari ride are not accessible. Instead, you can have any zoo employee call for a free shuttle van to take you to the places in the Zoo it is difficult to get to/from in a chair. They will ask you to sign a liability waiver if you use a power chair. Refuse. It is involved in a legal case right now as discriminatory.

    The Wild Animal Park is 40 miles north, so if you are going to rent a van this is do-able, but there is no good public transportation that goes out there. This is a whole day. Same policies as the Zoo above.

    Old Town is not as nice as it used to be, but interesting if you like history and little shops and restaurants. The Birch Aquarium is in La Jolla with a gorgeous view and interesting exhibits. It is not a big as Monterey or some other large aquariums, but is worth a half day.

    There are wheelchair accessible harbor excursions available from near the Broadway pier.

    If you will be here in the summer, there are free beach wheelchairs available at most beaches (more information on this from Accessible San Diego). It is too cold to swim in the ocean in spring, winter or fall.

    I always recommend driving the 59 mile scenic drive if you have the time and a vehicle.

    The Gaslamp Quarter is THE place for great restaurants, bars and clubs. Parking is a problem all the time, and expensive, so if you want to do this I would suggest staying in a hotel in that area. Where is your conference?

    You can rent accessible vans from:
    Wheelchair Getaways-San Diego
    222 Civic Center Dr.
    National City, California 91950
    Phone: 877-388-4883


    The Ability Center
    7151 Ronson Road, Suite B
    San Diego, CA 92111
    Phone: 858.541.0552
    Toll Free: 888.380.3765

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    If you're in a manual chair I wouldn't reccomend doing a whole day at the Zoo unless you have someone with you who can push! The whole zoo is very hilly, you'll end up exhausting yourself. Its a fun trip tho. And the zoo has a very nice first aid center so when you've exhaused yourself from pushing you can go stretch out for a while.
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    I agree....that is why I recommended taking the accessible shuttle offered at the Zoo for FREE for anyone with a disability. Your entire party can ride, and they will take you up and down all those steep hills very easily. The Zoo is a fantastic place to visit, and difficult to do in one day even if you are AB.


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    San Diego is beautiful!,full of very exciting places to visit!
    At Gaslamp there are great restaurants and well just going around the city is a great things to do in a lazy afternoon,especially if the weather is warm, you didn't mention when you'd be coming to San Diego, but I hope the weather has improved for that time, right now we are having very cold-rainy days (there is a severe storm forecasted for this weekend)
    I stayed at the Hilton in Mission Beach a few years ago and it's a very good one, also the Marriot in Rancho Bernardo is good, I would suggest you to get/ ask for a beach chair in the hotel for your showers (in case you are wheelchair user, it's really safer and more comfortable to shower in a beach chair than in the roll in showers because many of them are very narrow and the floor of the bathrooms very slippery ( a former boyfriend fell down in the shower and broke his arm, he was a wheelchair user).
    I agree with KLD's comment about the zoo, if you can take the accessible shuttle offered by the Zoo,also if you can visit Sea World, right now it's no so crowded but it's very cold due to the bad weather,in this point I must say: wear warm/heavy clothes,boots and good luck!

    *Note I'd like that one day, people that lives in this area could plan a meeting and we could get together for at least having coffee

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    Ok locals... I've looked at the places listed above ^ and was wondering if anyone had any fresh san Diego Hotel reccomendations. I'm trying to be in the San Diego/Point Loma area and I'm looking for something a little less than the $180 a night rooms, as I'm going down for a weekend wedding and partying with my friends and I won't really be in the room or on the premises other than to recharge my batteries.

    Optimistically I'd like to squeak in under $250 for the 2 night's lodging, and although a roll in shower would be nice, I don't have one at home, and won't require one if the bathroom is bigger than the standard fare. I'm resourceful with transferring (unless it's a minimal price difference obvs)

    Any help appreciated!

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    Lots of motels in the Hotel Circle area of Mission Valley can be had for less than $150/night. You can also frequently get even 3 or 4 star hotels in that area on Priceline for less than that. If you don't require a roll-in shower, your options are much greater. I can recommend the Comfort Inn & Suites Sea World or the Crown Plaza for a nice accessible room in that area.


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