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    Abdominal Binder

    What kind/brand of abdominal binder do you guys use if any. I hate the one I have and am looking for a good replacement that will be just as effective. Anyone know if there are different styles out there I could take a look at?

    I currently have the "standard" one where the velcro tabs go through the holes and two tabs velcro on each side. Mine also has the metal plates/splints inside.


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    That sounds like what I have except mine just has velcro on each end, no holes or tabs.

    I recently started wearing it again after seeing myself in the mirror. My belly was poking out farther than I though. Since I started wearing it again, I noticed it helps me sit straighter, but I can only wear it every other day because it leaves marks on my skin.

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    Do you put your binder on over bare skin? Your skin may be protected by placing a tee shirt under the binder or protecting the sensitive spots with sheepskin or other protectant. (EMK)

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    I have had good luck with this one. Binder

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    What is the difference between a 9" and a 12" binder? Does having an extra panel give you more stability? How about the thing sliding on you? Are you able to wear it all day without your skin breaking down? Can you breath good?


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    I usually just use the three panel and I actually cut about another 2 in. off making it only seven or 8 in.. This is the only one that I have found that is soft and will not leave pressure marks. It slides up a little bit, which is why I cut it smaller. I do wear it all day.

    I usually buy it from hopkinton drugand the one they have from FLA is universal in size.

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