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Thread: I Cannot Believe...

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    I Cannot Believe...

    That the stupod penguin movie beat out Murderball for an Oscar. They even came up on stage with stupid stuffed penguins. Get off my tv....



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    The more people I meet the more appreciation I have for my dog. And other animals as well.

    I'd rather be in the company of a stupid penguin than that obsessive, overbearing coach who practically ignored his son (a straight "A" student) unless it was to criticize or "correct" him and then who raised a toast to rugby rather than to his loving and forbearing wife. Or that over-zealous, funky red-bearded player Zuron or whatever his name is.

    I didn't even know the Oscars were on. Damn, I missed all those beautiful people do the "red carpet" walk. How did Joan Rivers look? Tight-faced as usual.
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    Remove the emotional feelings I have about a movie, any movie, made about those of us with SCI and Murderball was simply not a good movie. It was more Real World than good documentary.

    I hope Murderball is a start for other movies about those of us with disabilities and our lives. However, Murderball was anything but a good movie even though I loved the subject matter.

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    i never saw the movie but i heart penguins...
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    Penguin story...

    My goofball son and his goofball friends were discussing Penguins...What Are They Made Of?

    Goofball 1: Feathers
    Goofball 2: Blubber
    Goofball 3: Rubber (**eh?**)

    They called Mitch the Wise for his Fourteen Year Old Goofball Wisdom:
    "Penguins are made of LUVVVV."

    I'm not supposed to mention that story because it might embarrass Mitch the Wise.

    I heart penguins greatly.

    Sorry. Totally off topic.

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    I thought murderball was an awful movie and surprised it even got nominated..

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    Murderball was a great documentary. I appreciate it, but I play rugby, the sport does nothing but good for quads. As a result, its brought many quads out of hiding and given them the ability to play team sports again. All of my rugby experiences are awesome and I've made lifelong friends. Hopefully this will give some of you a look at the positive rather than critiquing the way the movie was made.
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    well this is about it not winning an oscar.. not about the sport and what it has done for the quad community.. March of the Penguins was a great movie and deserved to win.. You have to critque the way it was made when it's up for an oscar..

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    Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies...

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    Thumbs up

    I watched March of the Penguins on DVD...watched the other two 'parts' of it in the special features section of the dvd and found them better than the narrated portion.
    I'm an animal lover since childhood, a nature boy from birth and ANYTHING about the care of our ecology interests me. So when I got it and watched it, I had to watch it one more time IMMEDIATELY after going through it the first time. I was up all night that night, went to bed at sunrise.
    Told everyone I could think of who might watch it to see it. Never did that before with ANY movie.
    Now I'm NOT a celebrity follower, awards watchers etc, but I can see why this movie would win an award, it was WELL made in extremely difficult conditions, and was a great movie for many reasons, beyond plain entertainment.
    If ya haven't saw it....SEE it.

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