I haven't seen "The March of the Penguins" yet but will when it comes on PPV. But I saw a National Geographic documentary about the emperor penguins about a year ago. Maybe the movie was made from some of the same footage. Not an easy job for the filmographers. Man, it's cccccold way down there.

And not to get on the quad rugby coach again but he could take a lesson from those male emperor penguins. They cuddle that precious egg on their feet and under their warm fur and off that cold snow in the worst of conditions as though it was gold. Then treat their offspring with the attention they deserve without criticizing or being overly jugdmental of them. Forgive my judgmental attack.

A toast to the male emperor penguin and to his trustworthy and nourishment providing lifelong female partner. Here, Here.....

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Murderball was a great documentary. I appreciate it, but I play rugby, the sport does nothing but good for quads. As a result, its brought many quads out of hiding and given them the ability to play team sports again. All of my rugby experiences are awesome and I've made lifelong friends. Hopefully this will give some of you a look at the positive rather than critiquing the way the movie was made.
I enjoyed the movie/documentary. It was just those two (IMO) weirded-out participants in it that grated on my nerves. But I'll get over it! I would have appreciated learning more about the other individual players and how they manage their lives at home and how they're able to pay for their equipment and travel/motel/food expenses etc. International travel isn't cheap.

It only makes sense that the US should have the best team. It has a much larger pool of players to choose from. Canada has a population of only 32 million and New Zealand a mere 4 million. The robust US has almost 300 million. Something to consider.

You're so right about quad rugby being a great source of camaraderie for quads and a source of sporting entertainment and exercise for them. And a focus for many quads who might, as you said, just give up on life and hibernate in their homes.

I've never been an organized team sport player so don't understand all the pep talk stuff and yelling and screaming but that's what they do in all team sports so it's just natural I guess. I used to be an avid golfer and that kind of behavior isn't tolerated on a golf course or in the locker room!

I'm glad quad rugby is giving you so much pleasure.