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Thread: Okay, if no one else is going to do it.....

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    Buckwheat will be there. I'm looking forward to seeing all the friends I made last year and making some new ones!

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    YAY!!! *doing my happy dance*

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    I will be there! Show your support by changing your avatar to match mine!!

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    quote=CurlieQCarrie]Let me tell you--I think I have made it pretty clear to this man in the past week and a half that I am not fond of him anymore.

    Carrie has he allowed other students to re-arrange presentation times or project deadlines? If he hasn't he might be thinking you might want "special treatment" because you are disabled. I know that's not your intention but maybe that's what he's thinking?

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    It is still up in the air if I am going or not. I would have to take THREE finals that Thursday after returning home and then back out of town on Friday. The only one that worries me is my History of Earth Science final which is over 20 chapters. It's doable and I WANT to go. I'll keep y'all updated. Cross your fingers.
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    My wife and I, and my seven-year-old daughter will be there. If anyone else from Texas is planning to come, e-mail me at .

    Also, if anyone needs to rent a lift or other equipment, you can get it from Roberts oxygen. I used them to rent a lift last year and they delivered to the hotel, rental was $103. When I talk to them yesterday, they said they had plenty and went into DC every day for deliveries. Here is the phone number.

    Roberts Home Med - 103.00 for a month

    And if anyone's concerned about transportation, the Metrorail line will take you anywhere for just a couple dollars and is very accessible. Here is the link:

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    Any girls going who want to be roomies, PM me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KiranA
    Any girls going who want to be roomies, PM me.
    If I dress in drag, would I qualify?'s worse than we thought. it turns out the people at the white house are not secret muslims, they're nerds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steven Edwards
    If I dress in drag, would I qualify?
    If you're as convincing as Cspine--I think it could work.
    If there is light
    it will find

    --Charles Bukowski

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    It will be great to see you and Shelly again this year. Last year her tears of joy were infectious. This years hugs will have a different meaning. Just promise that you will return home healthy and stay that way? Oh yeah, warm clothes too!
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