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Thread: colonoscopy preps?

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    colonoscopy preps?

    I know there have been lots of posts here about colonoscopy and the different preps but I can't find them. I wrote colonoscopy in "search" but came up empty. Guess I'm not doing it right. Anyway, I have a fissure and have problems when I get diahrea when on antibiotics, so I'm afraid of major difficulty with the prep. Also, should I fear AD problems and spasms? Never had AD though. I'm C 6-7 incomplete. Thanks for your help, nurses , or others who respond! Lynne

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    I knew this topic had been discussed before because I started a thread about it. I couldn't find it, however, doing a search with those keywords. Rather, I found it by searching my old posts.

    This search engine flaw is something the webmaster(s) should look into.

    Colonoscopy: Preparation and Autonomic Dysreflexia

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    colonoscopy preps?

    Wow! Thanks Stephen for sending all of this info my way! I knew it was here somewhere! I feel much better being "educated". Lynne

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