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    I highly recomend

    If you are like me it's real easy to spout off and complain when people do things that bug you yet when someone does something good we tend to stay quiet and take it for granted. I would like to take a minute to laud someone for their actions. The company is Braun and the person is Rick Nelson. In 2002 I bought a IMS/Ford windstar van and over the past 4 years I've had more than my share of problems with it repeatedily having Warranty work done on it nothing major but real frustrating. But then a few months ago I had started hearing nasty sounds from the rear of the van and expressed my concerns to the local service center they looked at it and told me nothing was wrong, not even a month later I found out something was very wrong. Bringing it back to the service center I was told they could fix it but it was no longer under Warranty and i'd have to shell out some major money. Angry and totally frustrated I went home and fired off one of those nasty emails to IMS(not knowing Braun had bought them out). I wasn't really expecting anything to come from it I just wanted to vent. To my surprise it was Braun That replied Matt Ford to be exact he told me they would fix my van one way or another. He was transfered and Rick Nelson took over and pushed things thru. To make a long story not any longer Even though it was an IMS not a Braun van, just out of Warranty, and under no real obligation to do anything they made arraingements to repair my van. Rick had my van picked up in New Mexico taken to Indiana where they completely reworked the conversion (even changing the door motor) from top to bottom. They even paid for a rental van while mine was being worked on. In my opinion any company that would go to this extent to satisfy just a joe blow customer like me has got to be motivated by customer satisfaction and pride in their prouducts. Two qualities you don't see a lot of anymore. Combine the two and it makes an excellent prouduct unsurpassed my anyone. I would recomend any Braun product for anyone that is shopping for adaptivte products.

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    We have a 2005 Toyota Sienna with a Braun conversion and they have gone out of their way to make sure my hubby is happy.

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    I if they wouldn't fix it in the 1st place was because of the buy out. And you mentioning it in your vent that you had it happen, they wanted to keep you happy. Was your warrenty up when you first complained?

    Either way, you got what was needed and your happy.

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    it was out of Warranty when I finally vented to them. The service center had been contacted by someone at braun saying the wouldn't fix it under warranty but Matt Ford & Rick Nelson over rode that.
    I think I need to add that I belive IMS/Braun mini vans are a good product I have friends that swear by them I just unfortunately got one that came with a lot of gremlins..... it happens with any product. How you are treated when you have one makes all the difference in the world.
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    this is great to hear. lets ya know theres still caring ppl out there. caring about their source of income also. a lot of company's are just out there to get into your wallet.....

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    1991 Volkwagen Vanagon

    My first van after injury was a new 1991 Volkswagen Vanagon. I had it modified with a Braun Swing-a-way lift. When I picked it up from the mobility center the lift looked like it was taken from another van because the lift was repainted and the colors didn't match.

    The first six months of ownership I had to take the van back every month because of the hydraulic pump was blowing a seal or leaking hydraulic fluid. I got feed up driving one hour there to the mobility center and one hour back. I telephoned Braun Customer Service, I don't know who I talked to but the guy said he'd call the mobility center and find out was going on. About an hour later Braun telephoned me and kindly expressed to take my van back again to the mobility center and that they would put in a brand new model that would be shipped from Braun Corporation that day. The mobility center took out the old lift and put the brand new model in, free of charge. After that I had zero problems with the lift for more than 10 years. I have since retired the van after 175,000 miles on it. I purchased a new 1999 Volkswagen Eurovan and also had a Braun Swing-a-way lift installed.

    I only had one problem with the lift in the Eurovan. One week after the 3 year warranty expired the black thick cable cracked and broke one of the wires. I telephoned Braun again and they agreed to the replace the switch box, cables and connectors. The mobility center replaced the parts free of charge.

    For people with disabilities we need reliable mobility equipment and I have to say Braun Corporation has done an excellent job manufacturing lifts that are superior in quality and performance. This is one company that really stands behind their product and name.


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    It is good to know mine was an isolated case and they treat everyone well....just an update when I sent my van out it had a window that had been shot out by a bb-gun it remained broken becauseI had collision, liability pretty much all the insurance i needed except comprehensive which covers that. With the window costing almost $1000 i decided it could stay broken, when my van was returned there was no broken window!
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    All this speaks well for Braun. I agree, when ya have a great experience like that, show your love.

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