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Thread: anyone invest?

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    I do it for a living. As I said, I started with the management of my trust at 14, I tripled it by 16 through the wonders of the tech boom. After that I got deeply involved with defense firms and petroleum both of which have proven remarkably profitable. When I was 16, I sunk $600,000 into a dozen Indian tech firms. That is also now well into the millions. In the time before and just after my accident(12-21-04), as well as to a lesser degree, now, I have been doing currency trading and have seen returns of 600-900%. In December, I opened a venture capital firm specializing in alternative enrgy development, biotech and stem cell research in Boston that is now branching into San Francisco and Austin. Due to the fact that I am attending Harvard College part time as well as managing the business I succumbed to reality and put 15m under the management of John W. Henry.
    My investment style is simple, go big or go home, which is to say that if the risk and reward potentials are not tremendous, why bother, but I'm young, I can afford to lose a lot plus I am on my way to being marketable in the workforce if I should fail so miserably. I am not really looking to create a secure retirement, rather I want to never have anything from which to retire and I think I have achieved that now.

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    I started investing at the age of 20. Now i m 24. I got good knowledge to work out gains in a smart way by loosing intially and gaining much later. I mostly trade stocks of pHarmaceutical companies. Papa have good rapport as hes president of AIOCD so works out for me better in stocks. I invest secondly in National poilicies. Give good safe returns. I love stock market, lately i have been trying with F & O(futures & options) veryyy risky!! God!
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    Acordia Therapeutics!!!

    Anybody else own ACOR?? Besides Wise.

    I joined CC in April '06 and through this site I found out about Acordia Therapeutics. I spent about $100+k and accumulated 35,000 shares of ACOR in July and August as part of my speculative portfolio and I put it away figuring it's an investment in getting on my feet. I'm up over $400,000 on ACOR alone!! But I'm not selling or trading this one. Looking to the future! edit: I just sold 15,000 sh @ 16. YIPPEEE. STILL RIDING 20,000 ACOR plus huge profits realized!!

    just couldn't contain myself! it's exciting!
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    It's a good time to invest in the Chinese economy. Their economy is in its infantile stage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KiranA
    Are you all investing personally, or have you hired a financial advisor who invests for you? I don't have enough knowledge to invest myself, but I chose someone who is relatively conservative, but has invested a small amount in medium-high risk options.
    I would rather lose or make my own money than turn it over to someone else. I use a financial planner ... but as a resource based on my own research and do my own investments.


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    Holy ST*#! I just checked the chart. 10 points in a couple days from 2 bucks or so, damn. Good job, gotta keep my eye on that one. Check out MA for another parabolic riser, the 2 times I dipped my toe in it using calls I ended up with 50% in 5 days and 40% overnight. Damn thing scares the hell out of me at these levels, but keep it on the radar for an entry point during failed short attacks or when that bubble pops.

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    Any other CareCure members own ACOR?

    This is fantastic!
    ACOR touched $40 today!

    Still holding 20k shares. From $3! ACOR has been and still is good to me. Maybe I need to try AP-4...

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