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Thread: Can I see your bathroom ???

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    Nice sink and faucet, in case you haven't purchased them yet try we saved a lot of money buying from them online.

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr_coffee
    Damn, when i get rich i want a cool bathroom! i'll post pix when i do
    Me too!!

    I like the faucets that are high up so if I am running late and do not have time to shower I can wash my hair in the sink. I couldn't tell how high the one you posted was and if you could lean in there to do that. Just a thought.
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    Riz, that is one awesome bathroom, love that countertop,,,looks so regal!
    I have a tiny bathroom with small shower stall...put me, my shower chair and that hose in close proximity and it ain't very pretty. I envy all of you
    with big walkin/roll-in room...drool,,,drool!

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    Riz - do you use a power or manuel chair? my husband thinks he still would not get close enough to the sink if we went with something like what you have. your bathroom is stunning and very similar to what I want even wall color is in my palate. I found my sink online for $237 free shipping (which is cheaper than faucetdirect) and my shower faucets total about 500$ online free shipping also. I got good prices on my tile by shopping around warehouses and got good quality. as far as my counter I went to a supplier that does commercial jobs but has a yard full of remnants and refused pieces of granite we got a really good price there. the commode was a display at Lowe's that had been discontinued worth close to 1000$ and I paid 100$. We are remodeling little by little we chose not to get a loan and every paycheck something is bought in order to complete our bathroom. I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel now that the plumber has moved all the plumbing and my tile and commode have been purchased.

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    Nice cans guys! I just make do with a wall mount sink, raised toilet seat and a tub bench . I would love to have those spacious digs you have. My dream can would have a hot tub in it, great to float around weightless in one of those post SCI.

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    I use a manual chair so I can get in close under the sink. Thanks for the compliment on the bathroom. I'll pass it on to my wife, she deserves all the credit for the decorating.
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    thankyou so much to all that replied, when my bathroom is done I will post a pic.

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    You can have a setup like Riz's but make the cupboards false too. That is, they swing open but there are no shelves or anything underneath. You just roll right under the sink. The doors can even be hung on special hinges that you open the doors and push them back under the sink/counter.

    When done, you close them up and it looks like a normal vanity!

    (Just a beautiful bathroom Riz. Great job.)

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    My ensuite bath room is the only one i made crip friendly...Its pretty small,where the tub was is now a roll in shower..

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    Hi all. Ok here I am posting on an old thread, but I have to ask... where di you get the plans for these bathrooms? Did you design them yourselves or findplans online?

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