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Thread: Can I see your bathroom ???

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    Can I see your bathroom ???

    We have completely gutted our master bathroom and have had the commode moved ... we will have a 5 x 5 shower and I am looking for ideas as far as how to do my counter/sink and shower. thanks

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    This is my bathroom. It is apart of my bedroom. We just knocked down the wall in between and gutted the whole thing.
    It's not the greatest, but it works well for me. My dad had it done about 3 months after I came home from my injury.

    He's redoing the master bath on the otherside of the house this summer. It's a big bathroom 20x14. It will have a roll in shower and raised toilet. It also has a hot tub. Haven't been in it since I've been hurt. He's gonna come up with something to get me down in the water. The tub only sits about 1 foot off the floor. -Ed-

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    This is the only pic I have but you can see that it is a wheel-in shower, whole room is tiled in small grey tiles with white higher up, rail cutting across 1/3 of the room for shower, rest is sink and toilet (not seen). Very simple, 1'm not a fan of clutter in the bathroom. Sliding door separates bathroom from dressingroom & bedroom.

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    These are great to see, thanks! I'm putting in a roll-in shower right now; I still have a whole lot of tiling to do. I don't have a final plan for the sink yet, but I don't have much room. I hope to be able to have a little accessible storage space; as your pics show, you can't fit a lot of stuff onto a hanging sink.
    - Richard

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    found another showing door to showerroom. Screen outside hides all the bathroom/medical crap that I don't like to have on display!!

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    Here is a pic of my bathroom. it's got a roll in shower and a hot tub which is very good to losen up and aches and pains. my bathroom is directly across the hall from my bedroom. i got a towel as curtains/blinds in this pic because this is right after it was finished.

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    Hey i like this thread - like a little IDEAL HOMES EXHIBITION

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    Here's mine - sorry don't have a picture of toilet but apart from a single grab rail it's just a normal toilet with a softsit seat.

    Whole room is done as a wetroom - room measures about 16 x 16

    Hope it gives you some ideas - I really wanted a bathroom I could share with tha family and didn't feel like a disabled bathroom.
    Russ - T2 complete

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    mine is not but 8' x 10', but was enough to put a roll-in shower where the tub use to be...

    i was unable to re-size my pics, but don't forget to angle your tile downward to the drain area..

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    I have the pre fabed roll in shower and have to say from the hotels that I have stayed in the tiled in showers (like Carbar & powerwheels) are really nice. When I get my own place that is what I am going to do.
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