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    i've been on this site for a couple of weeks now..and i have not formally introduced myself...i'm a c5-6 quad struggling to gain independance again, i was injured on july 13, 2003, i was a passenger in my explorer and a kid ran a stop sign. i joined this site in search of friends, info, and sanity... i have learned more on this site in 2 week than i have learned since my injury... thanks to everyone for their advice, imput, and experinces... Sam

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    Hi, Sam! I'm sorry you had to find us, but very glad you did. Welcome aboard.

    I'm a c-6/7 incomplete since 1993.

    Mem aka MaryEllen

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    I'm Dan. I was injured at L1 last October and enjoy the information and people on this site. I hope you find what you're looking for here. Welcome to CareCure, Sam!

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    welcome Sam... if you have any questions, ask away.. there are a wide variety of knowledge here for you..

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    Right on Sam, i'm sure you'll find an answer to any question on this
    site. Good luck, later.
    Word to your mother

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