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Thread: 60 Minutes; Hans Keirstead

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    60 Minutes; Hans Keirstead

    We would like to post the following correction regarding the "60 Minutes" episode covering Hans Keirstead. The video of the rats that was shown at the beginning of the episode is NOT from Dr. Keirstead. These are animals from a study by Doug Kerr from Johns Hopkins University. These are not spinal cord injured animals; they have been injected with a virus that causes motoneuron degeneration, and then received stem cell transplants. The difference between treated and control animals shown in this video is not representative of the differences seen in Dr. Keirstead's study.

    The animation, which was prepared by Dr. Keirstead, accurately portrays the difference between rats that received transplants and those that did not.
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    Ok so whats the point here? Are you doing clinical trials yet because we are suffering.

    Whoevers rats were wobblin' noone cares, the point is they were wobblin' and were still paralyzed. We wanna wobble too.

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    Thank you for the clarification. It is an important distinction. Thank you, also, for your hard work and dedication towards ending permanent paralysis due to spinal cord injury. It is greatly appreciated by many.


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    Thank you

    Dr. Steward~
    Thank you for taking the time to clarify the report as well as the distinction between Dr. Keirstead and Dr, Kerr's results.

    I do appreciate the diligence in light of South Korea in assuring that everthing is reported accurately. I found you to be sincere and dedicated when I met you in Boston in September. You have only reinforced my beliefs.

    Many thanks for all you are doing.
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    Dr. Steward, thank you for posting the correction. As well thank you to those involved in research/upcoming trials and making it viewable to the public as such with 60 minutes. It renewed hope here at home. ~ Teresa
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