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Thread: Pregabalin (lyrica) Pain Killer, Alternative to Neurontin (Pfizer)

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    Pregabalin (lyrica) Pain Killer, Alternative to Neurontin (Pfizer)

    My G.P is starting me on Pregabalin (Lyrica) in a fortnight. Has anyone tried this drug or even heard of it?
    It's supposed to be Pfizer's new Neurontin.
    Heres some brief info on it!

    Know you're a busy man Dr Wise but what do you recon?????
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    Hi, I have been on Lyrica for a little over a month. I take 200 mg per day (100 am and 100 pm). It definitely improved the nerve pain. It made me very drowsy for about two weeks and then that passed some. I am currently trying to wean off because it has really affected my short term memory. I am in college right now, so it was really affecting me to not remember things! For nerve pain, I can say it works. Definitely give it a try. I never took Neurontin, so I can't compare. Good luck!

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    Isn't doing diddly for me.

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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    sorry to say, it didn't help me either. everyone's different so hang in there.
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    150 mg a day for me for about 6 months now, i don't have the side effects i had with neurontin, i had much worse forgetfulness on neurontin.
    i don't have the weight gain either,
    it seems to be work on at least one syndromes of my pains,
    i couldn't wear a closed shoe for the longest period of time, i would put a shoe on and withing 15 minutes i had to take it off or be in agony, and that was with ultram and oxycodone. i though i was going to have to spend another winter with sandals and socks, which has its own problems.
    it doesnt seem to stop the evening pain i get , mine is opposote of most people here, when i lie down it hets worse.i get extreme shocks and stabbing. its stenosos related
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    The side effect I got last time, and seem to be getting again, is pain in my teeth and gums. No other noticeable problems (so I wish it would leave my teeth alone, and ease the burning and throbbing.)

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    does anyone know the long term effects of Lyrica? I have been taking 150 mg/day for a couple of weeks and my Dr changed it to 300 mg/day. I also take 300 mg of Dilantin. He is trying to wean me off of the Dilantin. The problem is I seem to have trouble with my balance. At various times during the day I get unsteady on my feet. I don't think I could pass a soberity test by the police. Does this side effect go away?

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    I don't think lyrica has been out long enough for long term affects, at least in the usa. sometimes when starting a new anti seizure med or increasing the dose i get some weird effects that seem to go away in a couple weeks.
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    The unsteadiness went away for me after a couple weeks. However, the short term memory loss did not go away, so I weaned off. I just took the last Lyrica 3 days ago after tapering off and the withdrawal is much worse than I would have imagined. Headaches, nausea, dizziness... I would have never taken it in the first place if I knew what was to come.

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    I was on 2100mg of Neurontin daily and was not getting adequate pain relief. my doctor suggested that I try Lyrica, 150mg per day. Suggested method of converting over was originally to reduce my neurontin to 900mg per day for a week and then begin taking Lyrica 50mg 3 time a day and completely dropping Neurontin at that point. I tried this method and found that the pain at 900mg of Neurontin unbearable. It was then suggested that I move right into taking the Lyrica while still taking the 900mg of Neurontin and then gradually wean off of the Neurontin.

    I found both methods of converting to Lyrica unsatisfactory as any combinations of the drugs or using Lyrica by itself raised my pain level significantly. I now have gone back to my 2100mg of Neurontin and found the pain is back to where it was before I began trying to use Lyrica.

    I may have not give Lyrica a fair trial as it frequently takes several weeks before an improvement can be seen. My problem was that I could not put up with the pain during the transition phase.

    I am not trying to discourage anyone from trying this drug as all of our conditions are different and what works or does not work for me might be totally different with someone else. I just thought that I would add my experience to others so we can get an idea as to how many benefit from this new drug.

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