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Thread: Interesting statement from Europe

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    Interesting statement from Europe

    Interesting statement from Europe

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    " a. step up funding at national level for research into treating and finding a cure for spinal cord injury induced paralysis, and explore the possibility of raising additional funding from road traffic violation fines, revenue on alcoholic beverages and taxes on health insurance premiums;"

    Now why haven't we thought of this before?

    Great news that the EU has this targeted as a major cost to both human welfare and the health systems budgets.

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    Here are some excerpts:

    Towards concerted efforts for treating and curing spinal├é┬*cord injury

    Doc. 9401

    27 March 2002


    Social, Health and Family Affairs Committee

    Rapporteur: Mr Miroslav Ouzk├ő?, Czech Republic, European Democratic Group




    There are estimated to be at least 330 000 people living with spinal cord injury (paraplegia and tetraplegia) in the member states of the Council of Europe, with about 11 000 new cases every year. About half of these injuries are the result of road accidents and occur at a young age. Advances in health maintenance and emergency healthcare have resulted in increasing numbers of people with spinal cord injury surviving and living relatively successfully in the community with their disability, often in a wheelchair and for a near normal lifespan. The economic costs to the individuals involved and to the community are considerable.

    Recent years have seen remarkable developments in scientific research relating to spinal cord injury, and the report stresses that, as part of a comprehensive policy for people with disabilities, more intensive efforts must be made to achieve further progress in research designed to bring about a cure, that is to say, neurological restoration leading to functional recovery.

    The report recommends among other things that a world centre for the co-ordination of research and development concerning spinal cord injuries should be established with the World Health Organisation, financed with all available resources, both public and private, together with a research database that would pool all existing and future medical and scientific material on spinal cord injuries and ensure effective co-operation between doctors and researchers from all over the world. Moreover, prevention campaigns should be stepped up.

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    dr young a few years you said they were developing a central
    place to share is this new?

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    DA, I have not heard what is happening with this. If anybody has news of progress in this direction, please post. It is not a trivial task. Also, I have not been contacted on this subject, to contribute to the database. Wise.

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    SCI Central Data

    I believe this is being set up in Reykjavik, Iceland under the direction of Dr. Laurance Johnston.

    God Bless

    Arnie Fonseca, Jr.
    Neuro Institute

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    I believe the Texas Rehabilitation Commission receives quite a bit of funding in this manner, which is great. Especially when alcohol related accidents causes alot of sci. I believe the US should, if not already,impose a tax on alcoholic beverages and earmark it for neurological recovery research. If we just had 1 percent of what they spend on advertising (beer commercials) that would be a major contribution. Maybe they could even up the price of beer (the distillers themselves) and contribute out of the goodness of their hearts. They make drinking look so cool and the thing to do for our youth, just like the cigarette people use to do.

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    waiting for funding

    You may recall I emailed you about this some months ago, encouraging the group behind this proposed database to basically "joint venture" with you / Carecure so as not to reinvent the wheel.Once funding is achieved the next step will be to gather input from all stakeholders including Carecure.
    Audur Gudjonsdottir from Iceland is the lady behind the database. She is presently waiting for funding from the Icelandic government. Promised but not yet forthcoming.Laurance is the nominated Exec Director in waiting....
    Lara Margret Ragnarsdottir is the politician sponsoring the Council of Europe initiative. It is presently "under consideration", which means more meetings before any positive outcomes.
    I will encourage Audur and Lara to contribute to this forum.
    Let me know if I can help.

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    David, thanks. I did not mean to imply that I had receive no enquiry at all but just that I have not received data requests. Wise.

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    Great article, Dr. Young!

    So now we all need to step up together with Europeans and get into research for the cure. There is millions of people that could be helped. There is lots of money here in U. S. that could be easily invested into the cure. (or hubby and I will have to move back to Europe for him to get cure in the future?)

    .....never give up......

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