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Thread: help! my catheter tube is blue & I have no clue!

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    help! my catheter tube is blue & I have no clue!

    I have a SP tube & this morning I noticed residue on the inside of the tube (right where the tube connects to the catheter) that is BLUE (kind of a swimming pool color, only more blue)! I have sediment that is the normal color also. Any insight, Wise or nurse? The urine itself is the normal color & I have no fever.
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    what supplements or medication are you taking?

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    I'm assuming it's the clear tube or leg bag that's blue rather than the actual urine. If so mine do this quite a bit. It's almost purple sometimes but the urine is not coloured at all.

    This came up recently in the UK spinal association monthly magazine. Apparently (according to the leg bag manufacturers) some medication combinations can cause a reaction with the plastic which makes it go blue. Happens to mine a fair bit and is especially bad when I up the ibuprofen (it obvoiusly reacts with either the brufen, baclofen, or neurontin). However it's apparently nothing to worry about and I've had no bad effects and it's been doing it for best part of 2 years now.
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    Same here, I've had a SP for 10+ yrs,and my tubing and bags turn a blue/purple color from time to time. The first time it happened it totally freaked me out. I am also taking baclofen, and neurotin, and I'm fairly sure it's some kind of harmless interaction. I've beeen having it happen for 5 or 6 years now. I wouldn'd be worried about it unless you're also having symtons of a infection.
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    I've never observed this in any of my patients but Russ1 and Linda H.'s answers seem very reasonable to me.


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    This is a fairly common issue that even has a name in the urologic literature ("purple urine bag syndrome"). We see it every now and then. It requires no treatment unless you have other urinary tract symptoms (fever, chills, etc.)


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