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Thread: Quad riding hurting balls

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    Quad riding hurting balls

    Im a complete T6 para and get into quad riding and tend to go pretty hard. I have a Raptor 700 and use a klictronic solenoid shifer for the gears.

    Got some pics up of me riding here ->

    Anyways due to my position on the bike and constant sliding side to side on the seat without being able to lift my weight with my legs my balls seem to get a bit hammered.

    Anyone else on here ride a quad like a mad man? do you get this problem? Any ideas?

    I want have kids in the near future so im a bit worried about the damage this might be doing.

    Know i probaly just should stop riding but i love riding too much!!

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    those pics. are way cool... esp. the one of you flat on your back...oops, too much throttle... very scenic at the dunes. i use to have a sandrail that was street legal being we have no dunes in Atlanta...

    try a piece of foam padding that you snug your jewels up against. if you are rashing on your inner thighs, try a pair of silk bicycle shorts.. keep some baby powder handy too..

    Kerr Douglass on here rides. maybe pm him for ideas...

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    I ride a quad but not like a mad man. I got a little crazy a couple of years back, slid off the seat and broke my femur. Haven't been able to figure out how to keep from sliding off yet.

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    maybe call around and see if you can get a seat made out of jel like the j2 cushions? awesome pics man! damn i miss do adjust in the air? like tapin the brake to make front come down and stuff?

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    I know someone who rode quads like mad and made balls hurt but that's a whole other story.
    Phil C6
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    LMAO, please divulge, but I think that belongs in another forum!

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    I recommend taking your seat cover to an upohlstery shop and have them sew some velcro onto it. Then have them make you a sort of diaper (for lack of a better description) with the receiving velcro sewn on the bottom and a seat belt type of fastener that'll enable you to attach it to your ass. This will keep you on the bike but enable you to come off should you strike something heavey or roll it. It will also keep you centered and prevent you from sliding around on the seat and mashing ole Ted and the Twins...
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    don't know if this will help with your family jewels but ROHO makes a motorcycle cushion that may save your butt...

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    LMAO I'm a quad.......desperate to be ridden but not by any of you adrenaline junky paras.......if you try, I'll hurt your balls as well
    C5/6 incomplete

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