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Thread: Handbiking today

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    Wink Handbiking today

    I just have to share this story. It was 55 degrees and sunny today in Boise, so I dusted of my bike and went out. It was fun to get out and many people were on the greenbelt. That is until I came up to a bridge that had been roped off. The city had placed this huge cement barrier under the rope. The high water concerned them, evidently.

    So, bikers were lifting the rope and sliding through the space between the barrier and the bridge to continue their ride. I could not fit my hand bike(trike) through and instantly thought how careless the city had been!

    Once agian, treated like I don't exist! I wanted to be like everyone else and illeagally cross that bridge! Pat

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    Well it's great you got out though...I am waiting on delivery of my first handcycle, should be here in 2 weeks can't wait.

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