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    Winter fat

    Hi, I'm a C6/7 quad for about 20 months. This is my first winter away from the hospital and I've gained so much weight. (I don't eat fatty food very much, but I do eat alot of fruite and vegetables) It was impossible for me to wheel around in the snow so I was forced to use my power chair from Nov - now. I looked for gyms to workout, but could not find one that's convenient or close to me to exercise. Any ideas how I can loose this fat? Other than torture myself this summer to loose the fat so I can get it all back again next winter. How about liposuction? Is it even an option for wheel chair users?

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    hi china doll! I'm also a C 6-7 and was injured about 16 months ago. I live in Arizona, so I'm kinda lucky because it doesn't snow here. But I did notice during the winter that I was gaining weight even in my manual chair. I also eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, but being a quadriplegic, it's important to eat protein too. What I did do to lose some weight is to not eat anything after seven o'clock and to drink extra water.
    Also, it depends how much you eat and when you eat. I've noticed if I eat smaller amounts every couple of hours, I tend to lose weight. For example, I eat a cinnamon roll for breakfast, then two or three hours later I eat an apple, then two or three hours later I'll have some pretzels or a power bar, then I'll eat dinner. If I am trying to lose weight, I'll just eat half the amount I normally eat and never eat to make myself full. They say eating every couple hours, makes your metabolism faster because you're never hungry.
    It is hard to find a place to exercise that's wheelchair accessible, but maybe you can get some wrist weights. That's what I have at home.
    I've never heard of lipo suction for people in wheelchairs, but I know that with Lipo suction, you can still gain the weight back; so it might not solve your problem.
    Right now, I'm 5 ft. 7 and weigh 130 pounds. According to the standard for quadriplegics, I'm supposed to weigh 105 pounds, but I know that will never happen. I hate having a quad belly! Being a C6-7, it seems impossible to lose!
    I hope I have helped you a little bit . Good luck and take care.

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    Since you're newly injured the most important thing is to modify your intake, both type and quantity, to accomodate the SCI. The recommended guidelines are a loss of weight after injury, the amount dependent of level of injury, generally quad vs. para. It's not just a matter of burning calories, but also the metabolic and other biochemical changes that occur after injury.

    I guess the bottom line is that your old days of eating are over and better to develop good eating habits now before its too late.

    As far as trying to burn calories, a program in your house can be developed using a desktop arm ergometer (saratoga cycle) and alternating heavy/light resistance exercises using weights or rubber cable systems. If you can, a pool affords opportunity of aerobic exercise.

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