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    Try contacting the local Boy Scout troop in your area. They are usualy looking for projects to help the communtiy, this might be a way to get your ramps built. Talk to the social worker at the rehab about any services that can help you. They are not supposed to release your niece untill your home is ready.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you all! You've given me more info in one day than I had figured out in a month.


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    Just an aside from the rest of the technical stuff thats been posted here... How is her mental state? I was injured when I was 14, and I know what an awful thing an SCI can be as a teenager.
    For me, adjusting to being with my friends again was uh not awkward but different. My friends are still my friends and we love each other very much, but it took some getting used to being in a chair with them ya know?
    Its just something to consider when you're thinking about things from her point of view.
    Best of Wishes,
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