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    Ok, I was just on E-Bay and they have the Quickie Shark and Shark S on there.
    I'm really interested in getting a handcycle but I don't want to go through a dealer. I hate dealing with the middle man.
    Are there certain measurements that must be taken when buying one.
    My wheelchair I use is 17x17 and I'm about 6'3" tall and weigh about 175lbs.
    My level of injury is T-10 Complete and I planned on using my cushion from my chair when riding so I won't have to worry about pressure on my bottom.
    This is my first handcycle purchase. Is the Shark a good buy?

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    My parents ordered mine without me knowing so I am not sure about the measurments. I used two bikes before mine and they were ajustable to my needs. I know my parents did ask for some specific things that were annoyances with the other 2 but I could still ride with. I currently have a top end and can tell you from others experience the shark and shark s seem to be more stable and not so tipsy. As of right now that would be my choice if I for some reason were to get a new bike anytime soon.
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